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(2007-11-13) TechEd IT Forum 2007 – Day 1

Posted by Jorge on 2007-11-13

I arrived on Sunday during the afternoon, got to the hotel to dump my luggage and went to the conference center for registration. From time to time complete crowds arrived and left again. On Monday people were able to register also.

My focus for TechEd IT Forum is Identity and Access Management (AD, ADAM, ILM/MIIS, AD Certs, AD RMS) and secondly either MOM, Exchange or Communicator.

For me the day started with a Microsoft Community Influencers meeting. This meeting was about all kinds of issues people in the community experience. Examples are:

  • Free or paid membership for user groups and similar groups to cover costs
  • Laws in different countries where (a) community leader(s) (e.g. user group) is responsible or not for postings made by its members. Who is responsible for the postings? How to check for/validate "normal" posts or "abnormal" posts?
  • Access to online resources. On what technology should this depend, what are benefits/pitfalls and why? (e.g. http, nntp, etc.) Do we care about technology or just the functionality? What are the ideas of Microsoft and why?
  • How to reach the community when having ideas to do things like delivering a presentation about some topic?
  • Etc…
  • Etc…
  • Etc…

After this the keynote started at 14.00. A lot of high-level things were covered and announcements (e.g. Windows Server Virtualization) were made about upcoming Microsoft products. After that I attended a session about "Identity Lifecycle Manager (ILM)" and "Going from passwords to smartcards… what are the things you need to think and be aware of?" Both interesting sessions I enjoyed.

Then I had dinner with a few friends and ended in a hotel bar. While one of us was getting back to his hotel I convinced him to stay for just another beer. It was too late, not that many beers (for the moment that was OK) and finally not that much sleep. No hangover, but damn I felt like sh!t after just 5 hours of sleep. A coffee solved the "problem".

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