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(2016-09-25) FIM/MIM Configuration Export Scripts

Posted by Jorge on 2016-09-25

When upgrading FIM or MIM to a newer version, you may need to uninstall the previous version first before installing the newer version. During the installation of the new version you need to reenter all the required information. But where do you get that data from? Either you have some installation/configuration guide or you make sure you make a copy (copy, export, backup) of the previous configuration so that you can look it up easily.

Making a copy of the previous configuration manually can take quite some time to finish and if unlucky you might even forget something!

Yes, you guessed it, PowerShell to the rescue! Smile

With the upcoming SP1 for MIM 2016 you may need this script.

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  • I wrote this script, therefore I own it. Anyone asking money for it, should NOT be doing that and is basically ripping you off!
  • The script is freeware, you are free to use it and distribute it, but always refer to this website ( as the location where you got it.
  • This script is furnished "AS IS". No warranty is expressed or implied!
  • I have NOT tested it in every scenario nor have I tested it against every Windows and/or AD version and/or FIM/MIM version and/or SQL version
  • Always test first in lab environment to see if it meets your needs!
  • Use this script at your own risk!
  • I do not warrant this script to be fit for any purpose, use or environment!
  • I have tried to check everything that needed to be checked, but I do not guarantee the script does not have bugs!
  • I do not guarantee the script will not damage or destroy your system(s), environment or whatever!
  • I do not accept liability in any way if you screw up, use the script wrong or in any other way where damage is caused to your environment/systems!
  • If you do not accept these terms do not use the script in any way and delete it immediately!


<PoSH Script File> [-allConfig] [-mainConfig] [-fimSyncConfig] [-fimSvcConfig] [-fimPortalConfig] [-fimPwdRegPortalConfig] [-fimPwdResetPortalConfig] [-backupDBs] [-mainBackupFolder <Folder To Backup/Export To>]

This PoSH script exports FIM/MIM configuration as a quick backup method. If applicabel, the following configuration components are exported:

  • FIM/MIM Main Configuration;
  • FIM/MIM Sync Configuration;
  • FIM/MIM Service Configuration;
  • FIM/MIM Portal Configuration;
  • FIM/MIM Registration Portal Configuration;
  • FIM/MIM Reset Portal Configuration;
  • SQL Server Database

I have NOT added support for:

  • FIM/MIM PCNS Configuration;
  • FIM/MIM CM Configuration;
  • FIM/MIM Reporting Configuration

Currently there is no import script. You will have to do it manually

Get the export script from HERE

When upgrading, you only need to the [-mainConfig option on every FIM server and the [-backupDBs] option on the SQL server! For example:

  • Everything on one server (incl. SQL server)? –> <PoSH Script File> -mainConfig -backupDBs -mainBackupFolder <Folder To Backup/Export To>
  • FIM/MIM servers without SQL –> <PoSH Script File> -mainConfig -mainBackupFolder <Folder To Backup/Export To>
  • SQL server without FIM/SQL –> <PoSH Script File> –backupDBs -mainBackupFolder <Folder To Backup/Export To>

REMARK: the installation of a newer version against an existing database WILL upgrade the database. Make sure to have a backup of your FIM/MIM DBs!!!


Exports All The Configuration Of FIM/MIM. This is basically all the options combined.

PARAMETER mainConfig

Exports Only The Main Configuration Of FIM/MIM. This should be the option to use when upgrading FIM/MIM.

PARAMETER fimSyncConfig

Exports Only The FIM Sync Specific Configuration

PARAMETER fimSvcConfig

Exports Only The FIM Service Specific Configuration

WARNING: This export might take some considerabel amount of time!!!

PARAMETER fimPortalConfig

Exports Only The FIM Portal Specific Configuration

PARAMETER fimPwdRegPortalConfig

Exports Only The FIM Password Registration Portal Specific Configuration

PARAMETER fimPwdResetPortalConfig

Exports Only The FIM Password Reset Portal Specific Configuration


Backup Only The Databases In Use By FIM

PARAMETER mainBackupFolder

Main Backup Folder To Store The Backup


Figure 1: Exporting The FIM/MIM Configuration Before The Upgrade

* This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties and confers no rights!
* Always evaluate/test yourself before using/implementing this!
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