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(2015-10-07) Realistic Random Data Set To Import Into Some Identity Store

Posted by Jorge on 2015-10-07

Have you ever required to have a large and realistic random data set to test your application or system in some way? Well, look no further!

With testing, “performance/volume testing” and/or “logic testing” (either declarative or coded, against small and large data sets) is meant. Testing with correctly defined (custom) data is required to make sure the application/system behaves as you require it to behave. By using fake data you are sure you do not get into trouble due to privacy or security related issues. You also do not have to beg for and jump through all kinds of hoops to get the data. Depending, on your organization, you may also need to have a data set that includes special characters (e.g. apostrophes) and/or very special characters (e.g. unicode characters from other languages)

Most likely, there are more websites out there, but the following 2 websites can help you out in different scenarios:


[1] Mockaroo – Realistics Data Generator

This website allows you to use your own defined schema. You can do that by selecting/defining the field names and field types or by importing the field headers of some CSV file you have. After importing the CSV headers, you still need to define the field types. When done, you can preview the data or download it right away. The data can be downloaded in different formats, such as, but not limited to, CSV format. The only downsides are the limited number of objects (max. 1000) and that it only supports western characters for names. If you need more data, you need to pay a fee per year.


Figure 1: The Interface Of The Mockaroo Website To Define The Required Schema

[2] Fake Name Generator

However, if you do not have a strict schema, you want up to 50.000 objects and you also require non-western characters for names (e.g. japanese, chinese, arabic, etc.), then you might be interesting in using this website. You can generate data for a single object, or you can bulk generate (order for free!) a very large amount of data up to 50.000 objects. If you need more objects, you just request it multiple times.

First you need to select the format and compression type. Secondly you need to select the name set(s), countries, gender and age of that objects.


Figure 2a: The Interface Of The Fake Name Generator Website To Define The Configuration For The Data Set

And last but not least, you need to select the required fields you want to include in the data set, define the required number of objects and the e-mail address where the bulk order is e-mailed to.


Figure 2b: The Interface Of The Fake Name Generator Website To Define The Configuration For The Data Set

Every request file is made available after a few minutes and when done you will receive an e-mail with a time-limited link.

After receiving the data set you can import it, by first writing your own PowerShell script, into ADDS, ADLDS, Azure AD, FIM Portal/Sync, SQL database or anything similar

Have fun!

* This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties and confers no rights!
* Always evaluate/test yourself before using/implementing this!
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