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(2007-11-13) TechEd IT Forum 2007 – Day 2

Posted by Jorge on 2007-11-13

On Tuesday, after just sleeping for 5 hours I wanted to start my day with a session about AD RMS and ADFS. Unfortunately it was cancelled. I was really looking forward to that. As a replacement I went to a SCOM session, but I did not like it. It was specified as a level 300 session, but IMHO it did not deserve that level. Oh well… to fill up the time I went to the exhibition and got myself two pairs of fluffy deer-antlers. 😉

The second session was great! It was interactive and the topic was about Identity and Access management at Microsoft. Very interesting to be able to hear how things are done at Microsoft and why.

During lunch I attended a session about AD and Single Sign-On in apps. After that I attended a session about AD RMS in W2K8. Although an interesting topic, I did not like the presentation as it was so boring. Then I attended a session about all new things in W2K8. I was interested to see how Mark Minasi delivered that. It was a repeated session, but the room was still packed! I must say, he’s good at presenting and I liked the session. Unfortunately, some topics were too high level. I would have liked to see/hear more deep dive stuff for things I have not had the time to look at yet. You can’t have it all! For me this session was a replacement for a session (technical discussion) about AD RMS in W2K8. I did not go to this one as I thought it would be boring like the other. As a last session for the day I attended a session about Windows/Unix interoperability and how the ways to achieve that.

As a follow-up to the earlier community meeting, all Microsoft Community Influencers (some, Microsoft personnel, MVPs, MCTs, etc.) attended a party at a tapas bar. Nice! After the party, which ended at about 21.00 I went back to my hotel and get some sleep! Talk to you tomorrow again!

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