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(2019-07-15) Reenrolling Your Mobile Device

Posted by Jorge on 2019-07-15

the This post is based upon my experience with an iPhone or iPad enrolled in Intune and configured to use the Microsoft Authenticator app. No experience (yet) with an Android device.

Now imagine this, you have enrolled your mobile device (iPhone/iPad) in Intune for MDM and you have installed the Microsoft Authenticator App to support Azure AD MFA (Cloud) for your company account and most likely, or better yet “hopefully” any other account that supports the Microsoft Authenticator App. Looking at myself, when I find a system for which I have an account that supports the Microsoft Authenticator App I configure that account to use it. So far I have added about 70 accounts to the Microsoft Authenticator App.

At device level it has been configured to create a backup of the mobile device (iPhone/iPad) to my iCloud account. At Microsoft Authenticator App level, I also configured it to make backups on a regular basis to my iCloud account.

After using your mobile device (iPhone/iPad) for quite some time, it is either stolen, broken or lost. Solution? Get a new mobile device (iPhone/iPad) and restore it from the iCloud backup.

By restoring it from the an iCloud backup the MDM registration gets wiped, so you will need to register it again. By restoring it from the iCloud backup, the mobile device (iPhone/iPad) inherits the same name from the device from which the backup was created. If you reregister it again, you will end up with an additional device having the same name as the previous one. Now which device can be removed when both the previous and new mobile device have the same name?

After restoring the backup of the Microsoft Authenticator app from the iCloud account, all the accounts in the Microsoft Authenticator app will continue to work, except for any Microsoft-based account (Microsoft Account/Windows Live/ etc. or Azure AD) as that account needs to be reactivated by re-scanning the QR-code. Just taking the Azure AD account into account, and assuming you are using the converged experience for registering SSPR/MFA security info, you will again end up with 2 registrations (the previous and the new one) having the same name for the mobile device (iPhone/iPad) that has the Microsoft Authenticator app installed.

So to be able to recognize the new mobile device (iPhone/iPad), your best bet as A USER is to change its name after the iCloud restore and before the registration of the mobile device (iPhone/iPad) in Intune and before the re-registration/re-activation of the Azure AD account in the Microsoft Authenticator app for MFA. If you do this and after that re-register in Intune and re-register/re-activate the Azure AD account, you will be able to distinguish the new mobile device (iPhone/iPad) from the old mobile device (iPhone/iPad) and remove the old registration. An admin is able to see the difference in Azure AD of registered devices by looking at for example the registration date and last activity date.

Now, also let’s assume you did not change the mobile device’s (iPhone/iPad) name and you went straight to re-registering it in Intune for MDM and you also re-registered/activated the Azure AD for MFA in the Microsoft Authenticator app. Currently to be able to distinguish the registration of the old and new device for both Intune and Microsoft Authenticator app, that is not possible with changing its name afterwards.

You can do that by following the next steps (based upon my own experience):

Changing name in Intune:

  • Open the Company portal app
  • Sign-out and really close the Company portal app
  • Close the Microsoft Authenticator app
  • Rename mobile device (iPhone/iPad) in iOS
  • Open the Company portal app and sign-in
  • Navigate to the Device section (no need to rename the device name in the Company Portal app itself)
  • Push down for update multiple times until the original name property at the bottom displays the same name as the name you gave it in iOS
  • Also in the Device section, tap “Check Settings” (if you have more than one device registered, select the correct device first)
  • Now if you navigate to the registered devices page (#/device-list"><tenant ID>#/device-list), you most likely will see the new name of the device. Any mobile device with the old name could be removed from the device list.
  • Delete the registration of the device with the old name(s) for the same mobile device (iPhone/iPad)

Changing name in the registration of the Microsoft Authenticator app in the security info (converged expererience)

  • Navigate to the security info page ("><tenant ID>)
  • Reregister the Microsoft Authenticator app as a new method (it may be already registered and there is no need to remove it first as you do not know which to remove)
  • Open the Microsoft Authenticator app and readd a Work or School Account, scan the QR-code and complete the registration
  • On the security info page, after reloading it, one of the previous names will have changed to the new name
  • Delete the registration of the Microsoft Authenticator app with the old name(s) for the same mobile device (iPhone/iPad)

Now if you really liked the previous name of the device, just follow the exact same steps above and when you reach the step of renaming the device in iOS, reuse the previous name.

@Microsoft: Please make it easier for users to see differences of old and new registrations in both Intune and Azure AD security info . Add something like a registration date, last activity date, a unique ID that can be easily found in Intune / Security Info, etc. Main reason: empower the user to manage its own info and actually make it easier for them. THANKS!!!

Hope this helps you!



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This is today’s opinion/technology, it might be different tomorrow and will definitely be different in 10 years!
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