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Blog Post Series

I have created this page to include all blog posts/articles that belong to a specific series. This makes it easy to reference all those blog posts in one go without the need to provided the individual links to them.

Azure AD Connect – Identifying Objects In AD And In Azure AD

Azure AD Connect – Identifying Users In AD And In Azure AD

Configuring Windows Integrated AuthN For Browsers Against ADFS

Finding Special Attributes In AD

PowerShell And DACLs/SACLs In AD

Fixing AD/SYSVOL Replication And Reconnecting A Disconnected AD Domain

Gathering Architectural Details From Your ADFS Infrastructure

Claims Rule Language In ADFS

Automated/Unattended Installation Of OCSP

Certificates Used In And By ADFS

Claims Based Authorizations For Sharepoint Through ADFS

Designing And Implementing An OCSP Responder

Designing And Implementing A PKI

Installing And Configuring ADFS v2

Installing And Uninstalling AD On Windows Server 8 As An RWDC And As An RODC

Kerberos Authentication Over An External Trust – Is It Possible?

Searching For Objects When Populating Reference Attributes In FIM – Available Options

User Principal Names In AD

Password Policies And Account Lockout Policies Within An AD Domain

Configuring And Managing The Windows Time Service

Restoring The SYSVOL (Non-)Authoritatively When Either Using NTFRS Or DFS-R

Creating Navigation Bar Links For A Subset Of Objects in FIM 2010

Experiences And/Or Differences With FIM2010 RC1 So Far

DC Locator Process In W2K, W2K3(R2) And W2K8(R2)

Considerations When Creating An AD Test Environment