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(2011-06-20) Free Exchange Tools For The IT Pro (1)

Posted by Jorge on 2011-06-20

While browsing the internet I found the following Exchange related tools that might be worth checking out. Have fun!

REMARK: I do not own and do not support these tools. These tools are also not specifically recommended by me, this post is just a "FYI only!" It is your responsibility to test and check out these tools to see if these meet your requirements.

Anti Spam for Exchange
NetWrix Anti Spam for Exchange is a FREEWARE anti-spam solution for Microsoft Exchange Server or Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS). The product is very easy to install and run, works on the server, and doesn’t require any client-side components. All incoming messages are checked for known spam criteria, such as Spam URL Realtime Block Lists (SURBL) and keyword filtering, and then suspected e-mails are delivered to user’s Junk E-mail folder.

Click HERE for more information

Catch-All Mailbox Configurator for MS Exchange

Microsoft Exchange has no native support for catch-all mailboxes, but the freeware NetWrix Catch-All Mailbox Configurator tool is a very easy way to configure a catch-all e-mail with a couple of mouse clicks and without any custom scripts and tricky configuration steps. You just install this tool on your Hub Transport or Edge Transport Exchange server and specify an e-mail domain and e-mail address to which all uncaught mail should be forwarded.

Click HERE for more information

Exchange Change Reporter

NetWrix Exchange Change Reporter is a Microsoft Exchange auditing solution that tracks and reports all changes made to all Exchange Server configurations and permissions. The product generates reports that show all created, deleted, and modified objects and settings. Four basic questions are answered: What changed? How was it changed? Who did it? When was it changed? Powered by AuditAssuranceā„¢ technology, the Exchange Change Reporter tracks changes to configuration settings, creation and deletion of mailboxes, information stores, Exchange servers, connectors, protocol parameters, storage groups and many other types of objects and their permissions. The modification events indicate "before" and "after" values for all modified settings, for example, the previous name of a recently renamed mailbox or how the mailbox quotas looked like before they were changed.

Click HERE for more information

Exchange Mail Archiver

Exchange Mail Archiver archives all e-mail messages in a central location and makes them available for quick e-Discovery/compliance responses with protection against content tampering in PST files and mailboxes. Archived messages are stored in a highly compressed format to minimize storage usage and increase Exchange server efficiency, and original messages in mailboxes are replaced with short URLs making them available to mailbox owners with minimal user impact. The usage of Exchange Mail Archiver also removes hassles of PST file maintenance and mailbox quota management: PST files can be completely removed from your Exchange environment without increasing mailbox quotas.

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Non-owner Mailbox Access Reporter for Exchange

NetWrix Non-owner Mailbox Access Reporter is a FREE tool that detects all situations when administrators and other users have gained access to another user’s mailbox. The product shows exactly who accessed what mailboxes over the last day, month, or year, allowing you to detect unauthorized activity from users with excessive or misconfigured rights who may be trying to steal confidential information from the mailboxes of company executives and management. The auditing and reporting of non-owner mailbox access ensures that internal policies and regulatory compliance requirements are met.

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* This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties and confers no rights!
* Always evaluate/test yourself before using/implementing this!
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