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(2011-06-19) Free Windows Tools For The IT Pro (1)

Posted by Jorge on 2011-06-19

While browsing the internet I found the following Windows related tools that might be worth checking out. Have fun!

REMARK: I do not own and do not support these tools. These tools are also not specifically recommended by me, this post is just a "FYI only!" It is your responsibility to test and check out these tools to see if these meet your requirements.

Bulk Password Reset

Bulk Password Reset is a simple tool that quickly changes multiple local account passwords in bulk and across multiple computers. By periodically changing passwords, you keep all your systems secure, and Bulk Password Reset allows you to do this with just a few clicks of the mouse. You can specify an entire domain, select a specific subset of computers, or tell the tool to use a computer list from a text file.

Click HERE for more information

Disk Space Monitor

NetWrix Disk Space Monitor is a FREE tool for IT professionals to keep track of server disk space on domain controllers, file servers, SharePoint servers, Exchange servers, database servers and others. The product centrally monitors the free disk space of specified servers and sends daily reports and alerts about low disk space conditions based on configured thresholds. The freeware version supports up to 10 servers, the Standard edition supports unlimited number of servers.

Click HERE for more information

Event Log Manager

NetWrix Event Log Manager is a free event log consolidation, alerting and archiving tool that allows you to collect events logs from multiple computers across the network, alerting on most critical events and centrally storing all events in a compressed format that enables convenient analysis of archived event log data.

Click HERE for more information

File Server Change Reporter

Powered by AuditAssurance™ technology, NetWrix File Server Change Reporter audits and reports file server changes and access events. The product generates reports on changes and access to file servers, including changes and access attempts to files, folders, shares, and permissions. The product is available in Freeware and Enterprise editions. The Enterprise edition provides additional information about who made the change or who accessed what and when it occurred, including detailed information about permission changes.

Click HERE for more information

Server Configuration Change Reporter

Powered by AuditAssurance™ technology, Server Configuration Change Reporter performs automated auditing and reporting of all changes made to server configurations: hardware devices, drivers, software, services, networking settings, etc. The product centrally monitors multiple servers and generates summary reports about any changes detected. New hardware devices, driver upgrades, registry settings, local users and groups, changes to services and applications – no change will pass behind the scenes, no matter who made it and how. You just setup this tool once and start getting daily summary reports (download sample report) about all changes, grouped by server name.

Click HERE for more information

Service Monitor

Service Monitor is a FREEWARE tool to monitor critical Windows services and optionally restart them after failure. The tool monitors all automatic startup services on multiple servers at a time and sends e-mail alerts when one or more services stops unexpectedly. The optional automatic restart feature ensures that all monitored services are up and running without downtime. The tool is lightweight and very easy to configure: install, enter computer names, and supply your e-mail address.

Click HERE for more information

USB Blocker

NetWrix USB Blocker enforces centralized access control to prevent unauthorized use of removable media that connects to computer USB ports, for example, memory sticks, removable hard disks, iPods, and more. USB port access control is a very important aspect of your endpoint security, no matter how good your antivirus and firewall are. The USB device lockdown protects your network against malware and prevents theft of sensitive corporate data.

Click HERE for more information

Windows Update Checker

Windows Update Checker is a free tool designed to provide automated patch assessments that answers these critical questions on a daily basis without any routine work. It automatically scans your network to detect all computers without critical patches and sends daily reports to your e-mail with full details about every outdated computer.

Click HERE for more information

Workstation Power Saving Manager

NetWrix Workstation Power Saving Manager is available in Freeware and Standard editions. The freeware edition is available for networks with up to 50 computers and allows to reduce energy costs up to 30% and save money without investing a single dollar. The Standard edition provides additional features and benefits, such as automatic wake up for patch management and granular control of the scope of management, and comes with technical support.

Click HERE for more information

* This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties and confers no rights!
* Always evaluate/test yourself before using/implementing this!
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