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(2007-11-10) Operamusic Or Something That Sounds Like It

Posted by Jorge on 2007-11-10

Last Friday I was enjoying an evening of doing nothing special. While cleaning up my laptop, as in removing all the crap I don’t needed anymore, I was also watching TV. My wife, was zapping around and suddenly stopped to watch an interview between a well-known Dutch presenter and "some" British dude. They were talking about talent shows, like "Idols" and "Britain’s got talent". I hate those shows, because most of the times it is all the same stuff or they are just making fun of people that simply can’t sing (while they think they do.). The British guy, Paul Potts, was the one being interviewed and it was about his performance on "Britain’s got talent". After the interview they showed his very first performance in front of the jury and a huge audience. That was quite a lot of fun to see. Let me tell you why.

Paul Potts came on stage and the lady in the jury asked him "So Paul, what are you going to do for us today?". Paul’s answer "I’m going to sing a bit of Opera". They couldn’t believe their eyes of what he just said. The jury member of the left was to looking to his right and thinking something like "this is going to embarrassing". The person in the middle was looking like "yeah right". The person on the right just looked down and started chewing on his pencil. Paul starts singing and the jury looked amazed of Paul’s performance, his voice and the song he was singing. All three jury members looked like: "what the heck!". The guy on the right was listening with his mouth almost wide open and the woman in the middle almost lost it. The crowd was going wild and I just had goose bumps. The voice of that man was so damn good! The volume was incredible! After seeing this I googled for his name and saw some videos on YouTube. You can find a few videos below including Paul’s story behind all this. Oh, and he won the contest. It was well deserved! Congratulations Paul!

What did he win? He won a contract and the liberty to perform for her Majesty the Queen of England.

Some videos to view:

Read the complete story here:

His website:

To keep it short, Paul has got an amazing voice with an incredible volume. Even if you don’t like the music genre (I do!), that guy just rocks.

It is so good to see a person just doing the thing he believes in, and in the end kicking everybody’s a$$ because he is so damn good at it.

Paul: Go and kick some more a$$!!!

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