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(2005-12-15) Netpro Selected Me As A Speaker!

Posted by Jorge on 2005-12-15

As you may have heard, Netpro is organizing the Directory Experts Conference again in march 2006 (26-29) ( This time it is in Henderson, NV USA at the Green Valley Ranch Resort & Spa.



The Fifth Annual Directory Experts Conference (DEC) 2006, presented by NetPro, is the only international event focused on advancing the skills of the most experienced Active Directory users. Sponsored in part by Microsoft, DEC 2006 will provide advanced education on key Microsoft Identity and Access Management (IAM) technologies, including Active Directory, Microsoft Identity Integration Server (MIIS), and Active Directory Federated Services (ADFS.) For the first time ever, the conference will also include a dedicated “Masters” track for Microsoft’s Active Directory and MIIS MVP community and other highly experienced users. We look forward to seeing you at DEC 2006!



Amongst others, Netpro selected me as a speaker for the Directory Experts Conference 2006! [:D]

Check the website to see the abstracts and any other info about the conference.

In the following press release they announce who are the speakers –>


Just a few words towards Netpro: Thanks guys for the opportunity! [:D]


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4 Responses to “(2005-12-15) Netpro Selected Me As A Speaker!”

  1. Gratz, it is great opportunity. I’m working now with my manager to get there, I hope I will be sucesful. Just few words towards Netpro 🙂 – maybe special discount 🙂 (ok, it was a joke).

  2. And you always told me to piss off when I kept saying you Rocked. You are really good at what you do and CONGRATZ man you rock 🙂 I am very happy for you.

    Remember I want to review those slides!
    Carlos Magalhaes

  3. Go rock the DEC !! 🙂


  4. Thanks everyone for your GREAT support!!!

    I really appreciate it!!!

    Let’s ROCK! ;-))


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