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(2016-07-21) A Hotfix Rollup Package (Build 4.1.3765.0) Is Available for Forefront Identity Manager 2010 R2

Posted by Jorge on 2016-07-21

Microsoft released a new hotfix for FIM 2010 R2 with build 4.1.3765.0. What it fixes can be found in this blog post. For additional or detailed info see MS-KBQ3171318

Download link

Issues that are fixed and features that are added in this update

FIM Certificate Management

Issue 1

A smart card search takes 3.5 minutes on an idle server. Additionally, the search never ends if the server is stressed.

Issue 2

The Duplicate Revocation Settings policy is replaced because some users could not set it.

Issue 3

There is a redundant space in the "Profile Summary" string on the Request Complete page for some languages.

FIM Synchronization Service

Issue 1

In a metaverse search and when you view the object, there is a Last Modified field. But when you sort that field, it sorts as a generic text field instead of as a date field.

Issue 2

Error messages (such as Event ID 6313) are logged in the event log. Additionally, performance counters don’t work.

Issue 3

The Sync Service crashes when you run a Full Synchronization process that has Equal Precedence set for attributes that exist in IAF or EAF.

Issue 4

When an incorrect page size (either less than the minimum or more than the maximum) is used for the run profile of the ECMA2 management agent, the size value quietly changes to the minimum or the maximum after you click Finish.

Issue 5

An error message from the Management Agent cannot be parsed if it contains some special symbols. Therefore, the error message doesn’t appear in the error list as expected, and a non-informative error window appears.

Issue 6

You receive a "Reference to undeclared entity ‘qt’" error message when you run the history process and the history text contains the "greater than" symbol (>).

Issue 7

Under certain conditions, the file selection dialog box does not appear on the MA configuration wizard pages.

Issue 8

A "MEMORY_ALLOCATION_FAILURE" error occurs in the Performance Monitoring tool when the performance data .dll file cannot open the process.

FIM Portal

Issue 1

Multivalued labels are displayed incorrectly in a single line in the UI.

FIM Service

Issue 1

During an Export process between the Synchronization and FIM Service, the msidmCompositeType request may fail if some multivalued string attribute value is changed in the scope of the Export session. This behavior affects performance.

Issue 2

In SharePoint Server 2013 and later versions, if you change a workflow or update an email template by using the FIM Portal, the version is automatically updated to This causes a system error message during processing.


Issue 1

When you add a user to an organizational unit (OU) that has some incompatible permissions in the OUs role, all the incompatible permissions are assigned.

Issue 2

Some issues are fixed for attribute-based authorization (ABA) roles that are assigned to a user when the roles have incompatible permissions.

Issue 3

When you use the Access Management Connector to provision new OUs with a parent OU, all the parent OU roles are inherited but are also disabled.

Issue 4

An error occurs in BHOLD during installation in Internet Information Services (IIS) 10.

Issue 5

If two or more roles assigned to a user who has the same permissions as the roles, and the roles use the endDate attribute, you cannot extract a user permission that has the latest date.

Issue 6

An email alias is truncated if it is longer than 30 characters.

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2 Responses to “(2016-07-21) A Hotfix Rollup Package (Build 4.1.3765.0) Is Available for Forefront Identity Manager 2010 R2”

  1. FIM 2012 R2? Do you mean MIM 2016 or FIM 2010 R2?


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