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(2015-12-14) LithNet Utilities And Tools For Your FIM/MIM Solution

Posted by Jorge on 2015-12-14

There is a guy called Ryan Newington  (Twitter and Blog), and he wrote and created some impressive utilities and tools that you can use in your challenge to design and configure an Identity Management system based  upon either FIM 2010 R2 or MIM 2016.

Lithnet Metadirectory Services Utilities

  • Description: The Lithnet Metadirectory Services Utilities package is a .NET library containing extensions and utilities for writing code for the FIM sync engine. The library contains various helper classes and extensions for objects in the Microsoft.MetadirectoryServices namespace, such as the CSEntryChange. It allows you to reduce code and introduces new functions, such as XML serialization of native metadirectory services objects. It can be used in any rules extension or ECMA2.2 project, along side the Microsoft.MetadirectoryServices component.
  • Documentation:
  • Download:

Lithnet FIM Service REST API

Lithnet FIM PowerShell Module

Lithnet FIM Service Client

Lithnet FIM Unix/Linux SSH MA

  • Description: The Lithnet SSH MA is a ForeFront Identity Manager (FIM) ECMA2.2 management agent used to provision and synchronize objects to unix and linux systems using SSH. The management agent supports: Full and (optionally) delta imports, Exports (supporting either object replace, attribute replace, attribute update, or multivalued reference attribute update modes), Password set and change, Username and RSA key-based logins, as well as username/password logins, Dynamic DN construction
  • Documentation:
  • Download:

Lithnet ACMA

  • Description: Lithnet ACMA is a codeless rules engine for Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager 2010 R2. ACMA provides a means for performing powerful rules-based construction of objects and attributes without the need to write custom code.
    ACMA is implemented as an extensible management agent (ECMA2.2), built upon an SQL Server 2012 database, and comes with a powerful UI-based rules editor and PowerShell extensions.
  • Documentation:
  • Download:

* This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties and confers no rights!
* Always evaluate/test yourself before using/implementing this!
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