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(2015-12-12) A Hotfix Rollup Package (Build 4.3.2064.0) Is Available for Microsoft Identity Manager 2016

Posted by Jorge on 2015-12-12

Microsoft released a new hotfix for MIM 2016 with build 4.3.2064.0. What it fixes can be found in this blog post. For additional or detailed info see MS-KBQ3092179

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Issues that are fixed or features that are added in this update

This update also fixes the following issues or adds the following features that were not previously documented in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

MIM add-ins and extensions

Issue 1

This hotfix addresses an issue that affects the password reset window and that occurs on monitors that have high DPI settings when the Windows display sizing of items is set to a custom size, such as 200 percent or more.

Certificate Management

Issue 1

You try to enroll a smart card by having the correct profile selected (with correct adminKey). However, the user PIN doesn’t correspond to the smart card PIN policy. In this situation, you receive the following error message:

The card cannot be accessed because the wrong PIN was presented.

Issue 2

MIM Configuration Manager Reporting doesn’t show smart card settings correctly. Settings are shown only for the Pkcs11 smartcard provider and not for baseCSP.

Issue 3

All policies in the MIM Configuration Manager allows for changes to "Revocation Settings" only for all certificates together. In this fix, a new page is added (CertificateTemplateRevocationSettings) to show "revocation settings" for the selected certificate. Changes to ProfilePolicyrevocationSettingsPage are also made to show all certificates of the profile.

MIM Synchronization Service

Issue 1

When you configure an ECMA2 run profile, you receive a “Value of ‘10’ is not a valid value” error message.

Issue 2

The Sync Engine reports a staging-error during delta import when the Generic LDAP connector detects the renaming of an object distinguished name.

Issue 3

When a rename, or a distinguishedName change, of a user is exported to Oracle Directory Enterprise Edition (ODSEE), that user is removed from group memberships. You expect that the membership reference to the renamed object will be updated, instead.

Issue 4

When unsupported characters are entered in the SMTP address, MIM Sync cannot correctly provision the object into GALSync MA. In this situation, the object fails and throws an error. This problem also causes the object to be duplicated.

Issue 5

ECMA2 Export only MA displays an "The image or delta doesn’t have an anchor" error message when you perform an Export, CS Search, or CS Deletion.

Issue 6

The Sync Service stops responding when you stop a run profile for the ECMA connector.

Issue 7

The Active Directory MA interprets objects that are restored in the directory as deleted.

Issue 8

If you call Set-MIISECMA2Configuration to set the configuration for the SharePoint connector (Microsoft.IdentityManagement.Connector.Sharepoint.dll, version 4.3.836.0), the call fails silently but the verbose output says that the operation was successful.

Issue 9

The Set-MIISADMAConfiguration cmdlet supports only a single partition and a single container. In this update, the following changes are made to the parameters of this cmdlet.


The -Partitions parameter allows one or more partitions to be specified in the Active Directory MA.

  • The -Partitions parameter can apply single or multiple containers by using the ";" delimiter.
  • If the -Partitions parameter is absent, the Set-MIISADMAConfiguration cmdlet behaves in the same manner as it did prior to this update.

Example command that uses the -Partitions parameter:

Set-MIISADMAConfiguration -MAName ‘AD_MA’ -Forest Contoso.COM -Credentials (Get-Credential Contoso\ma_ADMA) -Partitions ‘DC=Contoso,DC=COM;DC=ForestDnsZones,DC=Contoso,DC=COM’


This parameter is updated to allow one or more containers to be specified together with the -Parameters parameter. It uses the following rules:

  • If the –Partitions parameter is present, parameter –Container can now apply to single or multiple containers by using the ";" delimiter.
  • If –Container is absent or no container are given for the partition, all the containers of this partition are selected.
  • If –Partitions is absent, the MIISADMAConfiguration cmdlet behaves in the same manner as it did prior to this update, and –Container can accept only a single containe.

Example command that uses the -Partitions and -Container parameters:

Set-MIISADMAConfiguration -MAName ‘AD_MA’ -Forest Contoso.COM -Credentials (Get-Credential Contoso\ma_ADMA) -Partitions ‘DC=Contoso,DC=COM;DC=ForestDnsZones,DC=Contoso,DC=COM’ -Container ‘OU=1,DC=Contoso,DC=COM;CN=Users,DC=Contoso,DC=COM;CN=Infrastructure,DC=ForestDnsZones,DC=Contoso,DC=COM’

MIM Portal

Issue 1

This hotfix addresses an issue in the MIM Portal that affects the sorting of a customized list view based on the columns that are specified in the ColumnsToDisplay property.

Issue 2

This hotfix updates HTML elements and attributes in the password registration portal and MIM Portal.

Issue 3

The object picker does not search objects that have special characters in their name.

Issue 4

This hotfix updates the translation of the user interface strings that relate to the “Password Reset AuthN Workflow” activity into Russian.

Issue 5

This hotfix addresses an issue that affects the Leave Member and Remove Member buttons when the group resource type is customized.

Issue 6

This hotfix adds a new search scope that is named "All Groups" to enable searching for and joining groups if the user does not know whether the group is a security group or a distribution list.

Issue 7

Specific culture localization settings for Spanish and French revert to English.

Issue 8

When you update an integer attribute value on the Extended Attributes tab of an object in the MIM Portal, the value is limited to a 32-bit integer. This issue occurs even though the same attribute allows 64-bit integer values if it is updated outside the Portal.

Issue 9

Resource Control Display Configuration (RCDC) does not allow a default tab to be configured

In this hotfix, the UOCInitialTabName parameter is added to the URL so that an object loads together with its associated RCDC.


The current RCDC users page has four tabs: General, Work Info, Contact Info, Summary.

If you open the corresponding XML, you find XML code that resembles the following:

<my:Grouping my:Name="WorkInfo" my:Caption="%SYMBOL_WorkInfoTabCaption_END%" my:Enabled="true" my:Visible="true">

If you provide the following code for an RCDC users page, the Work Info tab automatically opens:


Or, if you provide the following code for a default administrators page, the Work Info page automatically opens:


MIM Password Registration Portal

Issue 1

On the Question and Answer page, the initial scroll position is incorrect and prevents users from seeing the initial question.

MIM Service

Issue 1

roker service conversations are closed after a sync export to the MIM Service database.

Issue 2

A custom expression that includes Concatenate() is replaced by a plus sign (+) and generates an error when it is saved.

Issue 3

This hotfix addresses an issue that affects the MIM Service database stored procedures in which deadlocks might occur in approval workflows. In particular, deadlocks might occur in deployments that have complex or general Set definitions (for example, sets that match "/*" instead of specific resource types).


Issue 1

An inconsistency can occur between the Permission name and attribute changes that occur during an export, import, and subsequent export process in MIM Sync. In this case, BHOLD receives duplicates of a renamed group and maintains the original group in the database.

Issue 2

The Attestation Campaign Portal has an incorrectly worded title that displays campaign progress.

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