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(2014-10-05) Presenting @ Experts Live 2014

Posted by Jorge on 2014-10-05

I’m going to present a session (in Dutch) about certificates in ADFS @ the Experts Live 2014 Conference on November 18th. The conference agenda can be found through the following link:


Sessie Titel: ADFS en Certificaten – Het is meer dan techniek alleen!

Sessie Abstract: Een ADFS infrastructuur is zeer afhankelijk van certificaten. De stabiliteit van een dergelijke infrastructuur staat of valt dus met de werking van de benodigde certificaten. Bij het ontsluiten van applicaties lokaal of in de cloud, is ADFS vaak niet het doel zelf, maar juist een middel om een ander hoger doel te bereiken. Wanneer de certificaten in ADFS niet de juiste aandacht krijgen, gaat het mogelijk na 1 of 2 jaar na de implementatie van ADFS behoorlijk mis. Bent u er op voorbereid om vooral de impact zo laag mogelijk te houden? In deze sessie zullen we alle ins en out tevoorschijn halen v.w.b. certificaten in ADFS.


Session Title: ADFS and Certificates – It is more than technology only!

Session Abstract: An ADFS infrastructure is very dependent on the use of certificates. The stability of such an infrastructure stands or falls with the operation of the required certificates. When connecting applications locally or in the cloud , ADFS itself is often not the goal itself, but rather a mean to achieve a higher goal. When the certificates in ADFS do not get the right attention, it is possible that after 1 or 2 years after the implementation of ADFS things go quite wrong. Are you prepared to keep the impact as low as possible? In this session , we’ll talk about all the ins and outs with regards to certificates in ADFS.





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One Response to “(2014-10-05) Presenting @ Experts Live 2014”

  1. said

    Hello Jorge,

    I took a look at the link to Experts Live 2014 very interesting indeed and some good sessions. Unfortunately I do not speak Dutch, are all the sessions in Dutch for example another one I am interested in is

    7:45 – 8:45 Secure PKI an insecure world – Stefan Hazenbroek



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