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(2013-12-14) ADMT Update To Be Released For New Operating Systems

Posted by Jorge on 2013-12-14

The last version of ADMT that was released was v3.2 (somewhere in 2010) and the last version of PES that was released was v3.1 (somewhere in 2008). After numerous requests, both ADMT and PES have never been updated. The latest available versions are able to support DCs and AD domain up to W2K8R2. Unfortunately no support (yet) for W2K12/W2K12R2 DCs and AD domains. However, a few days ago the product group made the following announcement through the ASKDS blog:

In short, the update will allow ADMT to install on our newer OSs (both the ADMT and PES components). This should help alleviate some of the problems that customers have been reporting with the tool. We know that there are many of you who would like to see improvements or additional features in the tool beyond this, but we made the decision to focus this update on the OS compatibility issues, since that’s the thing that is impacting migrations the most right now.

The changes we have made require a fair bit of testing before we can release them – among other things, we have to test full-scale migrations against each combination of OS versions to make sure that nothing unexpected occurs.  Once that testing is complete, we’ll publish the new version for public download, probably as an update to the existing 3.2 version.  We don’t have an exact date right now, since it’s likely to take us a few months to finish our testing, but we’re hoping to have it out and available in the first quarter of 2014.

You can download ADMT v3.2 through this link.

You can download PES v3.1 (x86) through this link and PES 3.1 (x64) through this link.

Info about installing ADMT can be found through this link.

You can download the latest ADMT migration guide through this link.

More info about performing migrations with ADMT can be found through this link.

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  1. […] mentioned about 6 months ago in this blog post, Microsoft was going to release an update for ADMT to support W2K12(R2). Well, the time has come […]


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