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(2013-12-01) FIM 2010 R2: Generic LDAP Connector

Posted by Jorge on 2013-12-01

This new Generic LDAP connector (v4.3.836.0) was released by Microsoft on 20-11-2013 (dd-MM-yyyy)

The Generic LDAP Connector helps you to connect to LDAP systems (supporting LDAP v3 server (RFC 4510 compliant))  and support provisioning of identities, deprovisioning of identities, management of identity related information and password management capabilities.  You can download it from here. More detailed information can be found through the Generic LDAP Connector for FIM 2010 R2 Technical Reference.

From a high level perspective, the following features are supported by the current release of the connector:

Requirement Support
Operating System Support Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012
Other Required Software Microsoft .NET 4.0 Framework
FIM Version FIM 2010 R2 (build 4.1.3461.0 and higher) (A Hotfix Rollup Package (Build 4.1.3461.0) Is Available for Forefront Identity Manager 2010 R2)
Data Source LDAP v3 server (RFC 4510 compliant)
Supported Scenarios Object Lifecycle Management
Group Management
Password Management
Supported Operations Against Data Source

Supported By ALL LDAP Directories:

  • Full Import
  • Export

Supported By SPECIFIED LDAP Directories:

  • Delta import
  • Set and change password

Supported Directories for Delta import and Password management:

  • IBM Tivoli DS
    • Supports all operations for delta import
    • Supports Set Password and Change Password
  • Novell eDirectory
    • Supports Add, Update, and Rename operations for delta import
    • Does not support Delete operations for delta import
    • Supports Set Password and Change Password
  • Open LDAP (
    • Supports all operations for delta import
    • Supports Set Password
      Does not support change password
  • Oracle (previously Sun) Directory Server Enterprise Edition
    • Supports all operations for delta import
    • Supports Set Password and Change Password


Schema is detected from the LDAP schema (RFC3673 and RFC4512/4.2)

Supports structural classes, aux classes, and extensibleObject object class (RFC4512/4.3)

Table 1: Requirements And Supports Features

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One Response to “(2013-12-01) FIM 2010 R2: Generic LDAP Connector”

  1. John said

    I had the impression that eDirectory MA did not support Delta Import. Has this changed in FIM 2010 R2?

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