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(2013-07-06) Uninstalling An ADFS v2.0 STS Server

Posted by Jorge on 2013-07-06

In the past I described how to install an ADFS STS Server in this post and this post and this post. The idea of this post was to focus on UNINSTALLING an ADFS STS Server or the complete federation service.

Then I found out, Paul Williams already had done a great job describing that in the post Uninstalling AD FS 2.0 (and deleting the databases)

If you are using SQL, instead of WID, you need to delete the databases from SQL. Because of that you can also skip step the step describing the uninstall of WID.

If you are using CA issued certificates for the Token Signing Certificate and the Token Encryption Certificate, you can skip the step of removing the certificate sharing container in ADDS.

And last but not least, delete any CA issued certificate from the computer’s personal store that was being used by ADFS if you do not intend to re-use it

  • Open a Command Prompt Window
  • Open MMC
  • Add the Snap-in called “Certificates” and focus on the local computer
  • Navigate to the personal store of the computer, select the certificate that contains the name/FQDN of the federation service in the subject or SAN and delete it. If you are using CA issued certificates, you should have three certificates in the computer’s personal store that were being used by ADFS.

* This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties and confers no rights!
* Always evaluate/test yourself before using/implementing this!
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4 Responses to “(2013-07-06) Uninstalling An ADFS v2.0 STS Server”

  1. Just thought that I’d mention that there are some subtle differences in the process of uninstalling AD FS 2.1 from Windows Server 2012. I have covered this in a new post that accompanies my original uninstalling AD FS 2.0 post:


  2. Kinan said

    I wonder if there is a way other than uninstalling if I want to move back from SQL database to WID.
    Why? Because of the licensing issue. The ADFS setup is being moved to different physical location where SQL servers do not exist and we need to make it redundant using the WID.
    Any ideas?


    • Jorge said

      unfortunately I do not know for sure. I know about WID to SQL, but not the other way around. I would expect a reversed action, but like I said, not for sure


    • Jorge said

      how about exporting config (you need script for that), reinstall and reimport (you need scripts for that)
      I never went back from SQL to WID, so I do not know it that works or not


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