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(2012-03-06) Installing Windows Server “8” Beta

Posted by Jorge on 2012-03-06

This blog post shows you the quick and very installation of Windows Server “8” Beta.

After booting the computer with the Windows Server “8” installation on a USB stick, the following screen appears.

Here you need to choose the language, the time/currency format and the keyboard/input method.


Figure 1: The Very First Screen Of The Installation Process – Choosing Stuff

In the next screen just click “Install now” to start the installation, or click on “Repair your computer” if you want repair/diagnose something that’s broken.


Figure 2: The Second Screen Of The Installation Process – Click “Install Now” To Start

In the screen below you need to select the installation option you want to install. You can only install datacenter edition, but you can choose between the Full Server option and the Server Core option


Figure 3: The Third Screen Of The Installation Process – Choose Installation Edition And Option

As always, accept the EULA, and only if you agree with those! Has anyone ever read these? clip_image004


Figure 4: The Fourth Screen Of The Installation Process – Reading And Accepting (Or Not) The EULA

In the screen below you need to choose between upgrading an existing OS and installation a fresh Windows Server “8” instance. In this case I chose to perform a fresh install as there was nothing to upgrade.


Figure 5: The Fifth Screen Of The Installation Process – Upgrade Existing OS Or Install New

In the screen below you can preconfigure you drives/volumes as you like.


Figure 6: The Sixth Screen Of The Installation Process – Configuring Drives/Volumes

After clicking “Next” on the screen above, the actual installation starts as you can see below.


Figure 7: The Seventh Screen Of The Installation Process – Windows Being Installed And Configured

After the installation has finished you need to provide a, preferably strong, password for the default administrator account.


Figure 8: The Eighth Screen Of The Installation Process – Entering The Password For The Default Administrator Account

Just more than 20 minutes later, Windows Server “8” has been installed!


Figure 9: The Console Screen Right After The Installation

The desktop of Windows Server “8” beta right after logon. As you can see Server Manager starts automatically. Now try to find the Start Menu! clip_image004[1]


Figure 10: The Desktop Of Windows Server “8” And Server Manager Starting Automatically

In addition to Server Manager starting automatically, Microsoft asks you if you want to accept Windows Error Reporting sending feedback information automatically in the background. I choose “Accept”.


Figure 11: Accepting (Or Not) Windows Error Reporting To Send Feedback Information

There is nothing new here when you compare it with Windows Server 2008 R2.

* This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties and confers no rights!
* Always evaluate/test yourself before using/implementing this!
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