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(2011-10-24) Free AD Tools For The IT Pro (3)

Posted by Jorge on 2011-10-24

While browsing the internet I found the following AD related tools that might be worth checking out. Have fun!

REMARK: I do not own and do not support these tools. These tools are also not specifically recommended by me, this post is just a "FYI only!" It is your responsibility to test and check out these tools to see if these meet your requirements.

ADManager Plus – Free Active Directory Tools 4.4

ADManager Plus presents a comprehensive set of Free Windows Active Directory Tools. These tools have been developed to simplify some of the routine activities carried out on the Active Directory data and they come to you absolutely free. The list of tools available for ready download includes:

  • Active Directory Query Tool: The AD Query Tool is a freeware from ManageEngine ADManager Plus. It queries the Active Directory and retrieves Details based on the query supplied. The details displayed have relevance to the query that is posted by the user. This is a simple, easy to use tool that queries the AD and displays object information.
  • Empty Password Users Report: "Empty Password Users Report Tool" is free, utility software that helps find information of Active Directory users having null or empty password. The Administrator can generate the list of users with empty / blank password by just supplying simple AD information like Domain and Container names along with the user name and password of the user.
  • Active Directory CSV Generator: The CSV Generator Tool helps you to generate a CSV file that contains a customized array of user specified attributes and the corresponding Active Directory values. This free tool takes a simple CSV file with basic attributes like sAMAccountName, and generates a full fledged CSV file containing a comprehensive attribute list. This would save considerable time and efforts of admins and other staff associated with Active Directory data.
  • Active Directory DC Monitoring Tool: The DC Monitoring Tool is a very useful active directory utility that helps administrators to monitor the performance of Domain Controller(s) within the specified Domains. The Domains that need to be monitored are auto detected and displayed by the DC Monitoring Tool. Three of the most important parameters that are monitored by this free active directory software program are CPU Usage, Disk Space and Memory Utilization. Information on these essential parameters, eases out the DC Monitoring Activity for any AD Administrator.
  • Windows PowerShell Manage-Local Users Tool: The Microsoft Windows PowerShell is gaining prominance of late. The Manage-LocalUsers utility is an implementation of Microsoft PowerShell. This is a free tool from ManageEngine ADManager Plus, which lists out all the local users in a specified computer and allows to reset the password of local users of that computer. This freeware is basically a PowerShell cmdlet which helps administrators to effectively control the local user accounts of their domain users

Click HERE for more information

AD Show User Groups v1.0

This FREE tool shows Group Membership of one AD User. Show Group Membership of a specific AD User and export results to a text file.

Click HERE for more information

AD Group Members v1.1

This FREE tool lists Members of Active Directory Groups. Do you have hundred of AD Groups and you want to check membership of users? Search Active Directory Groups and List Members. Export Result to Excel File. Load AD Groups button: Search and List All Groups in Active Directory.

Click HERE for more information

Active Directory Search – Server Admin (text below has been translated from German To English using Yahoo Babelfish. It may therefore contain errors)

AD search Admin is a .NET program, with which the total structure and the domains, which are clearly indicated to IP of locations, positions of trust, FSMO roles, global catalog servers and Group Policies of a Active directory. With AD search Admin can be looked for very simply and comfortably for objects in a Active directory (AD). Active directory search – server Admin offers besides many functions for the announcement and modification of Active directory attributes and for a central server administration. For the search for the AD objects " Benutzer" , " Gruppe" and " Computer" AD search Admin© offers graphic interfaces which can be served simply and supports also arbitrary LDAP search stringer, in order to be able to search purposefully over filters after AD objects. An often needed feature, which " determination; True load Logon" for user and Cumputerobjekte, search Admin© with a mouse click is possible in AD. The characteristics of the found objects and their values are clearly represented. For some attributes the result values are prepared special, as for example SID, user flag and current values. The complete expenditures (Property Pages) can be stored as text file. Over context menus can be copied individual characteristics, values or several expenditure lines into the intermediate file and used over it further. Further outstanding feature of AD search Admin© is the fast access to functions, which are indispensable in the daily administration of servers. These functions are examining the accessibility over Ping, call of the computers management console, open the Eventlogs, start a RDP connection, indicate to the disk volumes and particularly adapted WMI inquiries. In addition all WMI classes of CIMV2 can be selected and the respective characteristics be indicated. With the possibility of copying over the context menu thereby simply own WMI inquiries can be provided. Particularly for the administration of servers in AD Admin© some WMI inquiries for meaningful expenditures are programmed search. Those are the inquiries after Hotfixes, Patches, the local administrators and the locally announced accounts.

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* This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties and confers no rights!
* Always evaluate/test yourself before using/implementing this!
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