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(2011-06-14) Free AD Tools For The IT Pro (1)

Posted by Jorge on 2011-06-14

While browsing the internet I found the following AD related tools that might be worth checking out. Have fun!

REMARK: I do not own and do not support these tools. These tools are also not specifically recommended by me, this post is just a "FYI only!" It is your responsibility to test and check out these tools to see if these meet your requirements.

AD Tidy

Use this free tool to clean up your Active Directory domain by identifying unused user and computer accounts.

This application will search your Active Directory domain for user/computer accounts that match your search criteria, then you can perform a number of actions on the accounts that were found – such as moving them to another OU, disabling them, or removing them from all groups.

Click HERE for more information

AD Info – Active Directory Reporting Tool

A flexible Active Directory reporting tool with over 140 built in reports as well as the option to create your own.

With more flexibility than other Active Directory reporting tools and a modern user friendly interface, AD Info lets you easily query your Active Directory domain for the information you need. Use one of the 140+ queries that come with the application or use the custom query designer to create your own query based on any attributes you choose.

AD Info is available in two editions, free edition and standard edition. The free edition is completely free for personal and commercial use and is not time limited. Click the Buy button below to see pricing details for the standard edition.

Click HERE for more information

* This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties and confers no rights!
* Always evaluate/test yourself before using/implementing this!
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2 Responses to “(2011-06-14) Free AD Tools For The IT Pro (1)”

  1. mkline said

    Hey Jorge,

    I’ve been recommending AD Info for those not used to CLI tools like adfind and powershell for a few months and have gotten good feedback. I’ve tested it and it seems to be a nice free tool.

    I haven’t done as much with adtidy, but probably also decent for those not as comfortable with the CLI.

    Hope the family is doing well.

    Talk to you later


  2. Chris128 said

    I wrote AD Info and AD Tidy and just wanted to say thanks for the links 🙂 Oh and thanks Mike for recommending them to people, I’m glad they are helping people out. I’m making an NTFS permissions reporting tool at the moment (which will have a free edition of course) so hopefully that will be useful to fellow IT Pros as well.


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