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(2011-02-16) Speaking At TEC 2011 In Las Vegas

Posted by Jorge on 2011-02-16

You may have heard it by now, and if not…TEC 2011 returns this year back to Las Vegas, the Red Rock Hotel. And… there’s something to celebrate! This year is the 10th DEC/TEC! Party!!!!!!

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Like every previous year I’m speaking at TEC. This year I’m delivering two sessions, one session about Active Directory and one session about FIM 2010.

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[‘1’] Locating Domain Controllers For Authentication And Access To The Default Domain DFS Share (SYSVOL)

Speaker: Jorge de Almeida Pinto

This session will focus on locating Active Directory Domain Controllers for two very important processes. The first process is authenticating accounts in AD followed by the process to access data stored on the default domain DFS share "SYSVOL" such as for example GPOs and logon scripts. Each process uses its own mechanism to locate a domain controller to service the request that’s being made. Both processes will be explained in detail in terms of how these work and how these interact with each other. To put everything together, a use case will be used to highlight the configurations even better. If time allows, a demo will be part of the presentation.

[2] Scripting The Migration Of The FIM 2010 Configuration Between Different Instances – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Speaker: Jorge de Almeida Pinto

In addition to the Synchronization Engine, FIM now also has a Portal. Both the Portal and the Synchronization Engine contain configuration items that determine the behavior FIM2010. When having multiple instances of FIM 2010 (Development, Test, Production) it is important to have a semi-automated process that is able to migrate the configuration of one instance into the other instance as easily as possible. This session will focus on using the configuration export tooling, which is available within FIM, including experiences and best practices. If time allows, a demo will be part of the presentation.

For more information about other session abstracts, click on the corresponding category to go there.


(or click here for IAM) (or click here for Exchange) (or click here for Sharepoint) (or click here for Virtual/Cloud)

Hope to see you there!

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