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(2010-05-18) Starting To Blog Again…

Posted by Jorge on 2010-05-18

It has been a while since I have posted anything on my blog. I have been quite busy until a week or so ago.

For the end of march at Microsoft TechDays 2010 (Antwerp, Belgium) I had to create, prepare and deliver a presentation about FIM 2010 and some demos to go with that. The cool part about this is that my presentation made it to Microsoft TechNet! J More information about Microsoft TechDays 2010 can be found here. The recording of my session on Microsoft TechNet can be found here.

Somewhat at the same time I was also getting prepared for The Experts Conference (TEC) 2010 (Los Angeles, USA). That was quite more work, than I actually wanted to have. But OK, c’est la vie! For TEC I had to create, prepare and deliver a workshop (labbook and lab environment) about Active Directory Data Recovery. In addition to that workshop I also helped with the workshop about Active Directory Service Recovery (mainly created, prepared and delivered by Gil Kirkpatrick). Finally I created, prepared and delivered a presentation about locating domain controllers for authentication and SYSVOL/NETLOGON access. I will also deliver that same presentation at The Experts Conference (TEC) 2010 (Dusseldorf, Germany). I received quite a lot of good feedback from the attendees about my workshop and especially my presentation. I was really happy with that! Thanks to all that attended! I everything turns out right, I will most likely also deliver the workshop about Active Directory Data Recovery at The Experts Conference (TEC) 2010 (Dusseldorf, Germany).

And finally and most important I had and have to help and support my wife. We are expecting a baby in the second half of this year. Yes! I’m gonna be a daddy again! Whoo-hooo! J Now, as a Directory Services MVP, let’s see if I can convince my wife to give the new little one the initials LDAP. We still need to think about a first name and let’s see if that will be something with an L. J

So, let’s start with some Tech Blogs ASAP!

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2 Responses to “(2010-05-18) Starting To Blog Again…”

  1. mkline said

    Congratulations Jorge!!! I think LDAP will be the youngest MVP ever. Hope everything is going well and hope it is a smooth pregnancy for you all.

    Talk to you all later


  2. Congratulations!

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