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(2009-12-14) Experiences And/Or Differences With FIM2010 RC1 So Far (Part 5)

Posted by Jorge on 2009-12-14


With RC0, a web services client could reconstruct resources via Requests, or betweenTime, atTime and allTime functions

With RC1, a web service client will be able to reconstruct resources via Requests

  • More attributes on Request, and new creator and target fields in RequestParameters values available
  • Configurable request trimming interval to auto-delete requests which have been archived

Also see:

Password Reset Feature
Configuring the MPRs for Password reset was quite complicated. In RC1 these MPRs are pre-configured by default, but are disabled. If you want to use the Password Reset feature you need to enable the MPRs!

Windows XP SP2 is now also supported.

Expect a huge change in how you will be able to use this feature. Very promising! J In time I will tell more about this.

Also interesting to know:

FIM MA Run Profiles
The FIM MA only supports Full Imports at the moment (see release notes)

FIM Portal Schema
Attributes of type "Unindexed String" are not yet supported by the FIM Portal and will not show up the UI for queries/filters.

It is possible to use a dash ‘-‘ in the systemName of an attribute, but you should not use it. Why? Well, other parts that may want to use that attribute may not accept that dash in the name. Look at the pictures below.

One of those places where this was found is in a workflow activity. For example… let’s say you have created a string type attribute with the systemName ‘My-Test-ID’ and displayName ‘My Test ID’. When using the function evaluator activity you can select as the destination [//Target/My-Test-ID]. You can type this in manually or first select //Target as your workflow parameter and then select ‘My Test ID’ as your parameter attribute. Click Save and you will see the error in the picture.


* This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties and confers no rights!
* Always evaluate/test yourself before using/implementing this!
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