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(2009-12-08) Update Release For FIM 2010 RC1 (Update 2)

Posted by Jorge on 2009-12-08

Microsoft has released another update for FIM 2010 RC1. After a few days it will be available through Windows Update.

This package contains multiple updates to the following FIM feature areas:

  • Sets
  • Setup
  • Codeless Provisioning
  • Management Policy Rules
  • Portal user interface
  • Schema
  • Self-service Password Reset
  • Synchronization engine
  • Workflow

Detailed information about the updates mentioned can be read in the release notes for update2.

Summary of changes in Update 2

This package contains multiple updates to the following Microsoft® Forefront Identity Manager 2010 feature areas as well as a number of general improvements to functionality and reliability:

  • Codeless Provisioning
    • Adds a Null function to support not flowing values to a disabled AD account.
    • You can now set attribute precedence between classic provisioning and codeless provisioning attribute flows.
  • Configuration Migration Tool
    • During the import phase the Migration tool now resumes after logging failures. This allows the Migration tool to complete as many imports as possible on a single run while noting the failures still requiring administrator resolution.
    • Migrating custom resource types is now supported.
  • Management Policy Rules (MPR)
    • When defining permissions for enumeration you no longer need to grant all the permissions for required attributes as part of a single MPR. The system will now properly aggregate permissions from multiple MPRs when evaluating query permissions.
  • Password Reset
    • Password Reset now accepts the user principal name (UPN) as well as the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) when specifying user credentials.
  • Portal User Interface
    • You can now copy and paste a vertical list from Excel to the Resource Picker input box. This is especially useful for doing bulk Adds.
    • The UOC text box now lets you check uniqueness on Create operations using a custom XPATH statement that you provide.
    • Note
      • Uniqueness checking only works in Create mode, not in Edit mode. Attempting this in Edit mode may cause the check to be done when it’s not intended.
      • Fixes an issue introduced in Update 1 where the portal may show valid Active Directory security group memberships as invalid.
  • Schema
    • The product now enforces schema validation at the web services layer to disallow Required reference types.
  • Sets
    • All Sets restrictions noted in the RC1 Release Notes have been removed. In particular:
    • You no longer need to avoid the use of the following operators in set creation: <, <=, >, >=, endswith, startswith, nesting.
    • You are no longer limited to using only the literal = operator with multi-valued operators when creating sets.
    • You no longer need to avoid having explicit members in a set which has a defined filter.
  • Setup
    • Resolves a number of issues that occurred on a first-time installation of the RTM product. These changes are not visible in the installations of the Updates, but you will receive the benefits of these improvements on new installations of the RTM product.
  • Synchronization engine
    • Synchronization rule error messages are now visible during synchronization previews.
    • Resolved an issue where having multiple join and projection rules causes rule corruption on a full synchronization.
    • Removes management agent (MA) support for Exchange version 5.5 and Windows NT.
    • Various other improvements in synchronization preview.
  • Workflows
    • Owner-originated requests are now auto-approved.

Available Updates….


MSP Name

FIM 2010 RC1 Synchronization Service (Evaluation edition–this is the version in the public download)


FIM 2010 RC1 Synchronization Service (VL edition–this is the version for production deployments)


FIM 2010 RC1 Service and Portal


FIM 2010 RC1 Service and Portal Language Packs


FIM 2010 RC1 Add-ins and Extensions (Note: versions included for x86 and x64)


FIM 2010 RC1 Add-ins and Extensions Language Pack (Note: versions included for x86 and x64)


The EXEs cannot be used to directly install the update. If you try you will get the following error "This patch package could not be opened. Contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer patch package"

So, if it is an EXE, you can use either of the following methods:

  1. <File>.exe /C:"MSIEXEC /p <MSP File Name>"
    OR if that does not work
  2. <File>.exe /T:"<Folder to extract to>" –> if you get the error "", then do not click OK right away, but look in the folder. Copy the MSP to another location and then click OK.

So, if it is a CAB, just extract it.

Then double-click the MSP file to install it.

Get this update here. (Windows Update Catalog)

More info here. (may not be available right away, but rather later on!)

Make sure to read the release notes about how to install!!!

* This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties and confers no rights!
* Always evaluate/test yourself before using/implementing this!
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