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(2009-06-03) OCG Documentor For ILM/MIIS

Posted by Jorge on 2009-06-03

OCG has a tool called the OCG Documentor for ILM. This tool automatically documents the server configuration, the MA configuration and the code used in the Rules Extensions. It’s cool, its’ hot, it’s accurate and it’s fast!

There’s a free version and there is a paid for version. You could compare the versions with IIFP and ILM. The free version only allows documentation of the AD, ADAM and GalSync MAs and the paid for version allows documentation of all other MAs including XMAs including the addition of additional documentation. After using the free version it is possible upgrade to the paid for version by purchasing a release key.

After reading all the info, a WORD report is generated based upon that information. Did you ILM configuration change for whatever reason, then simply rerun OCG’ Documentor and your documentation is up-to-date again.


  • Provides semi-automated documentation of your ILM installation
  • Provides an Integrated report which includes all management agents and metaverse configuration details with built in cross references (hyperlinks)
  • Extracts source code from the installation’s Visual Studio projects and inserts at the appropriate points in the report
  • Produces a document which is readable and can be easily distributed
  • Can be used as part of an iterative development process
  • Will detect and warn of configuration errors and anomalies
  • The MIIS documentation can be customized via a control file which enables you to:
    • Insert word documents into the report at specified locations to add context-specific information such as descriptions and diagrams
    • Insert sections of content from other text files, this for instance would allow you to include code details which may not be detected by the documentor.

If you are interested in documenting your complete ILM installation as part of a system audit, then please contact us:

To download the tool and for more information, click here.

To purchase a release key, click here

To see an example report see the ZIP file as an attachment to this post which contains a PDF.

Something else that’s very interesting is that at the moment a colleague of mine in the UK is building a FIM2010 (a.k.a. ILM 2) compatible Documentor.


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* Always evaluate/test yourself before using/implementing this!
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