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(2009-04-15) TEC 2009 In Las Vegas

Posted by Jorge on 2009-04-15

As you might have seen or even experienced, TEC 2009 was this year back to Las Vegas (22nd – 25th march 2009). The guys from Netpro, now Quest, decided, based upon valuable customer feedback, to go back to a location where it is warm and sunny without freezing your a$$ of! J Thanks Gil for listening!

TEC was, as always, very cool! Somewhere in January I talked to Gil Kirkpatrick and we agreed I should do a session. Before that I did not have any idea on what topic I should talk about and that’s the main reason I did not summit anything in time. So, in January I still submitted a session abstract which was accepted. Again, many thanks to the TEC folks at Quest!

My session ("The Evolution of Object Recovery in AD – From basics to perfection – A Technical Deep Dive") was on Monday and I think I had about 75-100 people in the room out of 450 people in total. For those that were in my session, I hope you liked it! A copy of the PPTs can be downloaded here for those interested in seeing what I had to talk about. I spent most of the time attending ILM "2" related sessions as I was interested in what some people had to say about it.

I also already understood they want me back again at TEC 2009 in Berlin somewhere in September. If you could not make it to TEC in Las Vegas, make sure you get to TEC in Berlin! A lot of others (joe, Pamela, etc) have already mentioned it, and I will mention it again in short. Although Netpro was bought by Quest, TEC (a.k.a. DEC) kept its value! When I heard the first time that Quest had bought Netpro, the first thing I was afraid was that it would turn into some huge conference covering lots of Microsoft products. Why was I afraid of this? Well, Quest has quite a large product portfolio (related to AD, Exchange, SQL, Sharepoint, PowerShell, etc. – and it keeps going and going) and I hoped TEC would still be TEC, meaning Microsoft Identity and Access Management technologies. Guess what?! TEC IS STILL TEC! Thanks again at the TEC people at Quest. Thank you for allowing TEC to keep its value!

After the sessions we also had some fun…. This is one of the videos that were made (look at all those cuties in a dress and the tough guys in a suit). You do something and suddenly you end up on YouTube. NOTE TO SELF: drink less beer! J

I almost had forgotten….. THE CHICKEN WAS ALSO THERE!


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