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(2009-04-15) Some ILM “2” Facts I Have Learned The Past Few Weeks And Days

Posted by Jorge on 2009-04-15

At TEC 2009 in Las Vegas I attended the combined keynote from Stuart Kwan (ADFS/Geneva), Nathan Muggli (W2K8R2) and Mark Wahl (ILM2). During Mark’s session he officially communicated the ILM 2 RTM slip. As it appears, ILM "2" will not RTM in 2009 Q1, but rather in 2010 Q1! Say what!?!?! Yes, you are reading it correctly. It has been delayed with one year. That’s a real shame because companies were really eager to use ILM "2" instead of ILM 2007. ILM 2007 is a great product for provisioning and synchronizing identity data and managing certificates, but ILM "2" in addition to ILM 2007 has amongst others: web based portal, workflows, approvals, user management, group management, self-service management of identity data, self-service password reset. It is a real shame it has been delayed, but from another point of view I was not really surprised. However, I did not expect it would be delayed for that long. We’ll see what happens.

Other facts I understood at TEC and the past few days about ILM were:

  1. At the moment RC0 is available and RC1 is scheduled somewhere in 2009 Q3. The surprising part was that it is not possible to upgrade from RC0 to RC1. What??? (The question about this was asked in one of the ILM 2 sessions and the answer was NO). Additionally the RC0 bits do not provide the ability to export the configuration of the portal (MPRs, SETs, Workflows, Sync Rules, etc. So when RC1 comes I wonder how companies already using RC0 are going to cope with that "migration" scenario. The data can be synched again from the different connected data sources, but the ILM 2 configuration would need to be reconfigured! I’m still wondering what is going to happen on this one.
  2. The architecture of ILM 2 will change. Instead of everything (sync data and auditing data) sitting in one database, the information will be split into two databases. Is this one of the reasons for not being able to upgrade RC0 to RC1? What else will change? I do not know and we’ll see what happens!
  3. In another TEC session I got the impression ILM "2" would get a new name, but nothing was said about it. However when visiting the sites "" (use the drop-down list of products and start at F) and "" (navigate to the products starting with F) and,289142,sid198_gci1353763,00.html it looks like Microsoft in integrating ILM into their Forefront suite. From "Identity Lifecycle Manager" to "Forefront Identity Manager". Previous names used: IIFP a.k.a. MIIS a.k.a. ILM a.k.a. ILM Provisioning/Synchronization Services and ILM Certificate Management Services….Oh heck, what’s in the name!?

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