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(2008-12-07) New Hotfix Rollup Package Has been Released For ILM 2007 FP1 (Build 3.3.1087.2)

Posted by Jorge on 2008-12-07

On December 3rd, Microsoft released a hotfix rollup package (build 3.3.1087.2) for ILM 2007 FP1. It resolves the following issues:

Issue 1

Consider the following scenario. You use a custom management agent that is based on the Extensible Management Agent. You configure this management agent as Export Only. In this scenario, when a call to deprovision a connector space object in this management agent occurs, the connector space object becomes orphaned. This issue occurs if the deprovisioning rules are set to make the connector space object a disconnector object. You may also experience the following symptoms:

You cannot join the connector space object to a metaverse object.

When you view the connector space object in the Joiner, the connector space object displays no attribute values.

Issue 2

The Microsoft.metadirectoryservices.dll file is not strong-name signed. Therefore, you cannot build strong-name packaged management agents.

Issue 3

The smart card profile template does not populate the subject key identifier (SKI) as expected.

Issue 4

Microsoft Certificate Lifecycle Manager (CLM) does not let you enroll agents in a specific organization unit (OU).

Issue 5

CLM is not supported on the Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition 32-bit processor architecture.

Issue 6

Consider the following scenario. A primary smart card and a duplicate smart card are issued. Then, you renew the certificates for the smart cards by using online certificate updates. In this scenario, the primary smart card and the duplicate smart card receive different certificates.

For more information please see: MS-KBQ946797_A hotfix rollup package (build 3.3.1087.2) is available for Identity Lifecycle Manager 2007 Feature Pack 1. This hotfix rollup package supersedes the hotfix rollup package mentioned here.

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  1. […] Feature Pack 1. This hotfix rollup package is superseded by the hotfix rollup package mentioned here. This has been posted for completeness purposes to the new hotfix rollup […]

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