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(2008-03-26) Free AD Objects Recovery Tools

Posted by Jorge on 2008-03-26

UPDATED: 09-10-2010

A while ago, I wrote about the new feature within Windows Server 2008 to reanimate and populate the attributes from a snapshot backup. That post can be found here. I thought it would be interesting to summarize the tools available that can help you recover deleted objects for free. Some of the tools are CLI based and some are GUI based. Again, some provide basic functionality (hey, it’s free!) and some provide advanced functionality (hey, it’s still free you lucky…).

Tools available to save the day for free:

A tool should not only be able to restore one or a few objects, but it should also be able to restore a complete OU structure with all kinds of objects in that OU structure. It should also be possible to filter objects based upon time. What I mean with the last remark is that until the major accidental deletion, you may have deleted all kinds of objects intentionally, which you may not want to restore. Your best bet to filter on time, is by using the whenChanged attribute, and preferably determine the very first object that was deleted as the deletion occurs from the bottom to the OU that was selected to be (accidentally) deleted. Be careful though with just using the whenChanged attribute. That attribute does not replicate between DCs, so before using any RWDC for the undeletion, make sure to determine the RWDC where the deletion occurred!!!

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2 Responses to “(2008-03-26) Free AD Objects Recovery Tools”

  1. And Tomek’s really cool tool?

  2. Active administrator is also good for active directory objects recovery.
    We’ve been using it for some years with a great success. We really enjoy the way it recovers AD objects as well as object passwords, group policies, object security without rebooting to directory services restore mode and keeping all domain controllers online.
    А new version that was released a while ago includes some great enhancements like full support of windows server 2008, more expanded reporting and auditing capabilities inlcuding “Recovery compare report” for live comparison of active directory environment with the selected backup.

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