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(2008-03-19) DEC 2008 – Again It Was Fun To Be There (So Was The Chicken)!

Posted by Jorge on 2008-03-19

The Directory Experts Conference was scheduled for March 2008 (2nd – 5th) in Chicago. This year I presented a follow-up session about the RODC focusing more on deployments, how to leverage Admin Role Separation on the RODC using an example and how to manage the "Password Replication Policy". The information about my session is:

TITLE: Securely Deploying and Managing an RODC. Improving AD security and mitigating risks!

SPEAKER: Jorge de Almeida Pinto – Senior Infrastructure Consultant (Logica, Eindhoven – The Netherlands)

SESSION ABSTRACT: With Windows Server 2008, Microsoft implements a new type of DC that aids in mitigating the risks of placing a DC in a non-secure location and assigning permissions to non-Domain Admins on DCs. This session will cover a high-level overview of the RODC, including requirements and best-practices. The specific focus will be on RODC deployment, managing it, explaining the possibilities for both and what you need to think of. This session will also include some cool demos!

My session was recorded and will be published around June 2008 on Microsoft’s Hello Secure World. My apologies for all the coughing you may hear, but I tried my best to prevent it. Before the session and before arriving at DEC I had been sick a few days. Because of the air conditioning in the hotel and the cold I started to get sick again. This year it was in Chicago and if I’m not mistaken we don’t have to freeze our a$$ off next year as it will be in Las Vegas again!

The workshop and the sessions were great and it was also fun to see all the other DS MVPs from around the globe. The most funny part about DEC this year a "very strange assignment" I got from Gil Kirkpatrick (Netpro’s CTO) after contacting him about something. Let me tell you about it. In January my wife was reading a newspaper and saw an ad from a shop of small rubber chickens. For those who don’t know it, the rubber chicken is kinda DEC’s mascot. Because of the ad I contacted Gil and mailed him a screenshot. Without hesitation he wanted to have 75 of those small rubber chickens. First I thought he was joking, but no, he was serious. The day those chickens were available I was sick at home with fever, so I asked my wife to go and buy them. She went to 5 different stores to buy 75 rubber chickens in total. Oh, and for those that do not know it yet, each chicken makes a terrible noise. So imagine 75 of them making noise. We live in the Netherlands and DEC was in Chicago (USA). Our next challenge was to get the chickens to the USA without ANY issue at all when passing customs. Why? What would you tell the customs guy, when he asked you why you are carrying 75 rubber chickens? Let’s keep it easy: the truth!

So, my wife and I wrapped the chickens in packages of 6 or 7 to prevent them making noise. And we succeeded! πŸ˜‰ At the airport in the Netherlands the rubber chickens went in the checked luggage and in Chicago we got our luggage without any issues. We still had to pass customs with as we were carrying a form of merchandise that was going to be left behind in the USA. And as you may now you need to fill in a form saying what you are bringing and how much it is worth. The 75 rubber chickens weight about 6 kg, so for the WHAT I was hesitating between filling in "75x Rubber Chickens" or "6 kg of rubbers". Now you guess which one I chose! ;-)))

At DEC the chickens were given away to delegates that asked questions or answered questions correctly. So during some presentations, chickens were flying through the air and sometimes you would recognize who had gotten a chicken, because of the noise it made outside the sessions! πŸ˜‰

Enough "talking" about rubber chickens. Below you can see what I mean! ;-)))


If you are interested in viewing my presentation slides and the demos I did, then click HERE to get the preso.

More stories AND pictures from DEC can be read/seen here.



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