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(2007-11-20) TechEd IT Forum 2007 – Day 5

Posted by Jorge on 2007-11-20

A little bit late then expected but here goes…

Both of the sessions in the first slot were not that spectacular so I left earlier. Although I had plans to attend some other session I decided attend the security panel discussion. Very interesting to hear the thoughts of those people! Two funny moments occurred during that session. The first one was when Laura Chappell mentioned that she was able to win "World of WarCraft" from her son by hacking his internet connection and adding/changing network packets. Now that is what I call hilarious! 😉 If you can’t win, hack them! (by the way, this is a joke, don’t hack somebody else!) The other thing she told was that she mentioned that she was her son’s best friend on the internet by pretending to be somebody else with the same age as her son. She did this because of her concerns about "all kinds of people" on the internet that may have bad intentions. She also said, that although these bad people exist which may have bad intentions, taking away the computer from children is not the correct solution. The correct solution is education! I agree with this. By pretending to be a friend of her son on the internet he sometimes tried to get information from him. Afterwards she would educate him about it without him even knowing about it. What was funny about this, was that her son sometimes complained to his internet friend about the cooking of his mother. Hahaha, he was complained against his own mother without him knowing it. So no free car for you when you turn 18! 😉

The other funny moment was when Steve Riley said that he was 100% certain that his computers at home where not infected with whatever. In response Marcus Murray said: "how the heck do you know that?". It is almost impossible to prove nothing is wrong until something IS wrong, from a security perspective.

After lunch it was time to attend a very deep dive session about Kerberos and related things. For those of you that have read the Kerberos white paper (I did) and survived it without falling asleep, this was not that worse as the white paper. It was an interesting session with some interesting demos. You really needed to pay attention every second to understand what the presenter was saying and what was going on. Fun, but wow! 😉 The last session was again the Q&A about AD in current and new version of Windows. Like the first Q&A it was interesting, but also difficult to get people talking about what they would like to change or what issues they are experiencing.

It was fun to be there again after 5 years of not attending TechED. One thing that was visible and noticeable were the security measures. Outside and inside the conference, security people were all over the place. It was mandatory for everyone to walk around with the conference badge visible. During the conference, flyers were handed out with security guidelines and monitors sometimes showed READ with announcements concerning security measures. I also heart that people were robbed which is kind of sad. I also heart that someone by just asking the way was robbed by the person he asked the way to walk. Wow, that’s crazy! You can’t even ask something anymore.

Well, that was it for TechED IT Forum 2007. It’s wrap! Time to get the luggage and go to airport for my flight back home. Same security stuff as always at the airports. Belt off, shoes off, all metal stuff out of the pockets, etc. It was 2 am when arriving at home.

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