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(2007-11-20) TechEd IT Forum 2007 – Day 4

Posted by Jorge on 2007-11-20

A little bit late then expected but here goes…

The day started with a lot of coffee and a session about Certificate Services in the upcoming Windows Server 2008. Of course mentioning what is new and improved. For the second session I wanted to attend another session about ILM 2007 but in the end I changed my mind and decided to attend a session why and what you can do when your AD dies on you. Basic thought…replication (AD and SYSVOL) related issues are the most common problems that people experience. Think about incorrect DNS configuration, lingering objects and how these can occur, USN rollbacks because of incorrect use of certain "backup methods", etc. The room was packed and I was thinking: "Either these people have tons of trouble at the moment or they experienced something in the past". Or they just want to learn some deep dive stuff about AD! 😉 Good session. The presenters mixed up a few things when explaining the differences when strict or loose replication is enabled and what happens with lingering objects.

After lunch I attended a Q&A about AD and participated in the discussions about current and new AD versions. I like the interactive sessions where people throw in topics to talk about. Great session.

Again instead of attending another ILM 2007 session I decided to attend a session about AD/UNIX integration and the ways you can achieve that using the current available tools in the Windows OS. I was kind of surprised the presenter showed a demo where he configured anonymous queries and access but IMHO did not tell why that could be a bad thing to do. Now you may ask: "So, what’s the bad thing?" Well, everyone, even those NOT authenticated can query AD anonymously! Do you want that? By default in W2K3, only the rootDSE can be queried and accessed anonymously. It was nice to see the possibilities, because at the moment I’m involved in this kind of stuff at my client. Although I think the presenter was a little bit nervous, it was interesting.

For the last session I had a choice between identity and access for web apps and Windows Server 2008 security. I chose the latter session to attend. Unfortunately it was not a good choice for me, because it looked more like the default marketing presentation of what is new in some product and why it is better. Man that sucked! I left and went to the other session.

This night… no parties, no lots of beers. Just a beer or two and dinner and of to bed to get some sleep…


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