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(2007-11-20) TechEd IT Forum 2007 – Day 3

Posted by Jorge on 2007-11-20

A little bit late then expected but here goes…

Today’s sessions for me were all about security and identity and access management. Some were interesting and some weren’t. Before lunch I attended presentations about ILM "2" and security/countermeasures in wireless networks. During lunch I wanted to go to a session about Exchange 2007 SP1, but I left earlier because IMHO it was not that interesting to stay. What I still have not forgotten was another presentation about ILM 2007 that was right after lunch. Believe it or not, but a CEO from a certain company in the UK which specialize in IdAM (guess who? ;-)) delivered a session about what ILM 2007 is and for what you might need to create your own code. Very interesting session for me, because I’m not an expert in MIIS/ILM. It was explained very well IMHO! Besides that and just think about it, is your CEO able to deliver a technical session with a 300 level? This guy did it! Trust me, my CEO doesn’t. Not to insult people, but managers normally can boot their computer, log on and use it. And… while they might not even understand what is happening in the background. Is it important for a manager to know what is going on in background? Maybe it is, maybe it is not. It may depend on the job. A lot of Microsoft managers have a good technical background.

My compliments to this guy for being a CEO _AND_ delivering a technical level 300 session! After this session I went to a Bitlocker session and ended the conference day with a session about defending against hackers. The Swedish MVP that delivered this session is well known for these kind of presentations. It is also interesting to see he almost does not use Powerpoint. He uses OneNote! 😉 Each OneNote tab can be compared with a PPT slide. Always interesting to see what he has got to say because during the presentation you can simply hear people think: "oh…sh!t, is it that easy to have your network screwed?". Important to note here is that it is not always dependent on the technology, but more on HOW that technology and procedures are used. His famous words are always: "If you liked the session give me a 9. If you did not like the session don’t evaluate me!"

After the sessions it was time to get back to the hotel and get rid of my bag. After that 7 of my other colleagues, that also attended TechED, and I were having dinner at a restaurant/lounge/club. Guess what. They did not have any Spanish beer, but did have Heineken (Dutch) beer! Can you believe that? 1500 kms away from home, and for a pilsner they only have Heineken…Man! After dinner we went to another club for a Dutch attendees party. And yes, it was late again! 😉

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