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(2007-07-02) Justice For Criminals

Posted by Jorge on 2007-07-02

A person in the Netherlands (Dordrecht, near Rotterdam) has been arrested for stabbing someone. Looking at this you think "Well, he deserves to be arrested and to go to jail!". I agree! But…..

Let me tell you more about this. The guy that got stabbed was a burglar and the guy that stabbed the burglar was the owner of the stuff the burglar was stealing from the guy’s house. This isn’t everything. While the burglar was doing his stuff in somebody’s home, he was caught by owner of the house and the owner jumped the burglar. They got into a fight. During that fight the burglar was stabbed in his belly by the owner. The burglar got up and called the police. The police arrived and arrested the owner of the house for stabbing the burglar.

Assuming nothing else was kept out of this story by the newspaper…WTF??? Great, you defend your own home and get arrested?!


Source (only in dutch):,1


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2 Responses to “(2007-07-02) Justice For Criminals”

  1. tomek said

    We have such cases in Poland all the time – law regarding protecting your own property isn’t perfect here and often leads to such problems.

    I don’t know if this can be resolved in general as a problem – question is where the limits of self defense are?? Can I shoot the man to death only for breaking the window assuming that he is planning to hurt my family or I should only break his leg and call the police.

    I’m not sure if law system can figure out perfect solution in this case.

  2. Jorge said

    Yeah, I know what you mean. It is difficult because the “gray area” is very large and very gray… Where are the borders? Noboby knows.
    It is sometimes difficult to understand that someone that tries to steal something from you is able to get away with it, because you smack the guy to protect yourself. And you get freakin’ arrested because you are trying to defend yourself.
    Noboby is allowed to kill or hurt somebody else, but if you need to defend yourself for some valid (define “valid”) reason, well then defend yourself.

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