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(2007-03-18) Windows Server Longhorn – Management Tooling

Posted by Jorge on 2007-03-18

Managing Attributes in ADUC and ADSS

In previous versions of the MMCs it was not possible to manage other attributes then those by default available in the GUI without “additional configurations”. For example, when it was needed to manage and attribute like “employeeID” you either has to extend the MMC with custom made snap-ins or you had to adjust the administrative context menu which is available when right-clicking the object. In Windows Server Longhorn, both “Active Directory Users and Computers” and “Active Directory Sites and Services” provide a new tab called the “Attribute Editor”. With this tab it is possible manage each and every attribute from an object as long as it is allowed to change the attribute and enough permissions are available.

For several actions, like unlocking an account (also see:, it is also possible to just edit the attribute, but it might be easier to still use the administrative context menu as that relates more to performing an certain action instead of just changing an attribute.

See the picture below for an example.



LDP has also been improved. Improvements are:

·         Distinguished Names in the right pane are BOLD

·         Attributes are in alphabetical order (YES!)

·         It contains a new “SID Lookup” utility

·         Same BIND functionality as with LDP in ADAM/ADLDS

·         New options within the pull down menus

See the picture below for an example.



NOTE: this information is based upon a beta release of Windows Server Longhorn and thus subject to change in the final RTM release. Do not use Windows Server Longhorn in a production environment without the explicit commitment from Microsoft for help and support.


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* This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties and confers no rights!
* Always evaluate/test yourself before using/implementing this!
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3 Responses to “(2007-03-18) Windows Server Longhorn – Management Tooling”

  1. matheesha said

    Hi Jorge

    Thanks for the information. I just want to pointout that the SID lookup is available in the Adam SP1 release. Therefore its not *really* new 😉




  2. […] features. Interesting though is that it is possible to manage the PSO with ADUC using the Attribute Editor after the PSO has been […]


  3. […] better yet, what the settings are from that effective PSO. Of course you could use the new "Attribute Editor", and look at the value of the "msDS-ResultantPSO" attribute. After knowing that you […]


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