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(2007-03-11) MVP Summit In Seattle

Posted by Jorge on 2007-03-11

As you might have heart, the MVP Summit is this week in Seattle. A friend of mine, which is an Exchange MVP, and I travelled together from the Netherlands to Seattle.

Our first flight was from Amsterdam to Chicago. The second flight was from Chicago to Seattle.

Because Chicago was the first location to enter the USA, you are subject to all kinds of security stuff because you are entering the USA from abroad. That security crap took so long we missed our second flight from Chicago to Seattle. To give you an idea we had about 1,5-2 hours between both flights and we still missed it. To be honest, it was not the fault of the security measures. The real issue was that there were sooooooo many people, it took too long to get everyone going.

We were lucky to be able to get on the next flight, 2-3 hours later, to Seattle. Ulf was also on that flight. We arrived in Seattle at 19.30 instead of the original 17.30. Paul Williams was already in Seattle waiting for us. After checking in, we got something to eat and of course some beers. After being up for about 26 hours it was time to get some sleep.

On Sunday we went into the city and also found Mark Arnold and Laura E. Hunter.

Seattle is the MVP city for the next days!


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2 Responses to “(2007-03-11) MVP Summit In Seattle”

  1. tomek said

    I’m jealous – have a great time there – see You on DEC.

  2. heheh welcome to my world. Every time I have to go to Corp I have to travel over 24 hours, some flights can take me to 40 hours travelling time.

    Great to see you there dood enjoy it!!!

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