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(2006-12-28) It’s A "GO". I Was Selected To Speak At The "Directory Experts Conference"

Posted by Jorge on 2006-12-28

As you may have heard, Netpro is organizing the Directory Experts Conference again in april 2007 (22nd-25th). Just like the last time it is in Las Vegas but now at the "Red Rock Las Vegas".



Join NetPro and Microsoft in Las Vegas for the Sixth Annual Directory Experts Conference (DEC) 2007, an important event focused on advancing the skills of the most experienced users of Microsoft Directory Services and Identity and Access technologies.

Sponsored in part by Microsoft, DEC 2007 provides advanced education on Active Directory, Microsoft Identity Integration Server, Active Directory Federation Services, Rights Management Services and Certificate Lifecycle Manager.

  • Directory Services, with specific focus on leveraging and managing Active Directory
  • Identity Lifecycle Management, including all aspects of MIIS, from user provisioning to cross-platform management
  • Federated Identity and Single Sign-On, highlighting Active Directory Federation Services
  • Information Protection, with specific emphasis on Windows Server 2003 Rights Management Services
  • Strong Authentication, focusing on Certificate Lifecycle Manager



Amongst others, Netpro selected me as a speaker for the Directory Experts Conference 2007! ;-))

My session is about the "Read-Only Domain Controller" within Windows Server Longhorn.

Session Title:

  • "Implementing a RODC within your infrastructure. How it works and other things to know"

The abstract for my session is:

  • Companies with branch offices sometimes face a dilemma…"Are they going to place a DC in a non-secure location or no DC at all?!" Placing a DC in a non-secure location creates the high risk of compromising the complete forest if the DC for example is stolen or compromised. Placing no DC at all means that authentication must go over the wire and that makes another dependency for authentication which can have the undesirable effect on authentication when the WAN is not available. Besides this, other issues exist like non-Domain Admins having the need to administer the local DC in a branch office that has others roles (e.g. file and print services) or LOB applications installed.
    With Windows Server Longhorn, Microsoft implements a new type of DC that aids in mitigating the risks of placing a DC in a non-secure location and assigning permissions to non-Domain Admins on DCs. This session explains how this new type of DC works and will also cover other interesting information to know about. Of course this session would not be complete if no demos were shown!

Check the website to see the other abstracts and any other info about the conference.

Just a few words towards Netpro: Thanks guys for the opportunity! 😉

Netpro’s CTO Gil Kirkpatrick created a Wiki so that people interested in attending DEC can give their guidance and feedback. So after you read this go to the Wiki site and please provide your comments! Thank you in advance!

* This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties and confers no rights!
* Always evaluate/test yourself before using/implementing this!
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One Response to “(2006-12-28) It’s A "GO". I Was Selected To Speak At The "Directory Experts Conference"”

  1. carlos said

    Congrats, it wouldn’t be a “real” DEC if you were not speaking 😉
    Good to see your subject Longhorn !


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