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(2006-12-01) Another VMware Issue?

Posted by Jorge on 2006-12-01

About a year ago I found two issues in combination with VMware Workstation and W2K3 SP1. Both cases are explained here:

I have been working a while with VMware Workstation 5.5.2 and I’m quite happy about it. The product is/works great! The feature I like most is being able to create all the snapshots I like. For testing purposes, demos, study, etc, it rocks!

With that same version I created an NT4 PDC and a W2K3 SP2 DC (B2805) to test some migration things with ADMTv3. So as you can imagine I configured both sides with everything needed (e.g. trusts) to be able to migrate objects with password and sIDHistory.

A day or so ago I found out VMware Workstation 5.5.3 was out and upgrade my VMware Workstation install. Since that time I had two crashes with VMware Workstation (which crashed my laptop – BSOD). I have never had a crash because of VMware Workstation. Better yet, I can’t remember the last time I had a crash. Besides that the environment I had built (NT4 and W2K3SP2) started to show some issues as well. To test something else I wanted to re-create the trust, but I was not able to. I got all kinds of messages like "could not find a domain controller on the NT4 side" and RPC errors on the W2K3SP2 side (don’t know the exact error anymore). This time I took a network trace and also saw the error. Trying to use the same solution as mentioned in the articles above did not work also. And no the security policies on the W2K3 side were not tightened!

Because of those two issues (crash and trust errors) I decided to revert back to VMware Workstation 5.5.2. Ahh… life was back to normal! Until now I have not had any crash and the trust in that environment worked again.

I must say, I have not tested this into all bits and bytes, but I thought I just mentioned it here in case someone else experienced the same. If you have similar experience, be so kind to post a comment here (also).


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2 Responses to “(2006-12-01) Another VMware Issue?”

  1. Anonymous said

    Have you tried asking at VMTN? On the Workstation Forum, they’re usually pretty good at troubleshooting.

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