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(2006-02-27) DEC 2006 Is Coming Within A Month

Posted by Jorge on 2006-02-27

Today I received the request from the magazine I write for to write something about the Directory Experts Conference 2006. I already have some info about the conference, how it started, how it was last year, what will be covered this year, etc.

I would like to have some input from the folks that are attending DEC or have attended in the past. So if you would be so kind please post something here about it. Think about the following:

* Why is it so interesting?

* Why are you attending? (or why have you attended?)

* What is your main topic of interest this year?

* What presentation are you looking forward to see?

* Are you attending the recovery workshop on Sunday?

* Where are you staying during the conference?

* Why does everyone want to have the rubber chicken?

* Etc…

* Etc…

Hope you are willing to drop some lines and give me some feedback about this. If you have experienced anything funny, don’t forget to mention that either! 😉


Thanks in advance!


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2 Responses to “(2006-02-27) DEC 2006 Is Coming Within A Month”

  1. THe best part, without a doubt, is to hear Wook Lee’s haiku…or whatever other witticism he comes up with.

  2. I’m going to DEC and have every intention of attending the workshop. Unfortunately Im’ yet to meet anyone who becomes so instantly crippled with jetlag as I do, so we’ll wait and see what Sunday morning brings.

    I’m chopping and changing between the Masters and the normal AD track, and a colleague of mine is attending the MIIS track, but will likewise pop into the “normal” AD track from time to time.

    I guess after reading a number of newsgroups and DLs for a while it’s going to be interesting to meet people in the flesh and see what they’re like. I’m also interested in hearing the thoughts of people such as Brett Shirley who have a lot of insights, but whose blog is, um, embryonic.

    I’m staying in one of the recommended hotels. Can’t recall the name of iftand not sure that I really care for uploading that much of my life onto the Internet anyhow.

    Comments about the rubber chicken are best likewise kept off the Internet. Personally I’m wanting to hit the roulette tables.

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