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3 Responses to “(2005-12-03) Cleaning Up The AD Metadata Of A DC Or An AD domain”

  1. […] If the source DC is not available temporarily and will come back online within an acceptable timeframe DO NOT SEIZE the FSMO role! If you DO SEIZE the FSMO role the original FSMO role owner must never come back online again and needs to be removed from AD. For information on how to cleanup AD metadata see:… […]

  2. […] DC specific metadata will NOT be cleaned. You still need to clean the AD metadata of the DC –> see: Cleaning Up The AD Metadata Of A DC Or An AD domain […]

  3. […] There is nothing special about removing AD from a DC. However, in previous OS-es it was not possible to remove AD when booted in DSRM. Because of that it was either needed to re-install the DC or use an unsupported method as mentioned here. In Windows Server Longhorn it is not needed to use this unsupported method as in DSRM it will possible to execute ‘DCPROMO /FORCEREMOVAL’. Like in previous OS-es, it was needed to cleanup the AD metadata afterwards. This has not changed. The procedure for that can be found here. […]

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