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(2005-11-25) Who Says Snow Is Fun?!!?!?! ()#&#*

Posted by Jorge on 2005-11-25

Imagine this…

You are sick at home (because of a heavy cold and almost fever)… It’s Friday morning…sleeping like a baby… suddenly your girlfriend wakes you and you THINK as shitty as you feel that moment "WTF &*^&*%&*%&* are you waking me?" She answers: "it is raining in the kitchen!" WHAAAAAAAAAATTTTTT? While you get up…. &*%^&*^%&^%&^%&*$%*. Finally in the kitchen I saw what was going on and thought "why is this happening?" Never had this problem before! Back in the bedroom and looking outside onto the roof of the kitchen (flat roof) I see a crap load of melting snow and I needed to get rid of that ASAP! As shitty as I felt I went onto the flat roof with a broom and removed all the snow and it stopped leaking in the kitchen. So what caused this? Well the flat roof is covered with something that looks like tar mats and in the corner a pipe from the kitchen comes through it. Well guess what? Near that pipe some of the tar mats were broken and that is how the leaks occurred. So after cleaning the kitchen, I called the insurance company and everything was OK as all damages were covered. They did tell to repair that (OF COURSE!) as soon as possible because the damage could become worse. So I started calling a few companies to repair the roof. One even told me "maybe next week" Sorry no good! Next company, finally contacted a guy and he was hesitating because he had a ton of work to do. I finally convinced him by begging a little bit because the weather is really shit in NL EINDHOVEN and it will get worse -> Storm, rain, tons of snow, ice, etc. I was happy that guy could help us! Really happy! Do you know what I like about that guy (and he is here right now fixing the roof!)? He looks at the problem and says "don’t worry I will fix that! and by the way, I will also look at that other thing on the other side" Simply said: "just a guy that does his work GOOD and helps you and leaves a very very satisfied customer behind!"… One hour and 150 euros later the roof is fixed, the kitchen is drying and the weather is really getting worse!

Today’s traffic news: 70 traffic jams with a total of about 700 kms. Largest traffic jam is 70 km!!!

Today’s weather news: extreme weather conditions, heavy snow fall


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4 Responses to “(2005-11-25) Who Says Snow Is Fun?!!?!?! ()#&#*”

  1. A day later… the weather is till crap. Saturday morning we woke up and I checked the kitchen and the kitchen roof. The kitchen roof was not leaking and again it had a crap load of snow, melting snow and water. As it already looked the day before, the guy did an excellent job!
    I also checked the newspaper and guess what? The traffic jams throughout the country that started FRIDAY morning ended SATURDAY morning at about 05.30. People were forced to spend the night on the highway. Main reason for this was there was so much ice and snow on the road, trucks and cars were having trouble getting up hills. The largest traffic jam was 89 km!!!
    I think the worst is over, although it is expected to snow for the next week

  2. Dood I feel your pain accept the weather here in Cape Town is 30 degrees C and its wonderful I love the beach πŸ˜›


  3. Are You living in EINDHOVEN area? My brother works here (for three weeks a month) and lives somewhere there – maybe I shoul setup a beer for You and him πŸ™‚

  4. Eindhoven area? Better yet.. IN Eindhoven! πŸ˜‰
    That would be cool drinking a beer

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