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(2005-11-08) Well This Is The First Personal Post!

Posted by Jorge on 2005-11-08

Hello Everyone!

Well… as you can see I have started my own blog and this is the first post on it. Interested how this started? (Actually.. the first post was a TEST message to see how it looks, but Carlos wasn’t happy with that…[<:o)])

After "meeting" Carlos Magalhaes (who is also Portuguese but does not speak it… Can you imagine that! [;)]) he started to bug me I should have my own blog and post information because (and this is his opinion, which I’m glad to hear!) I know things people are (or might be) interested in to read. Huhh?! [:^)]That was my first reaction, because I never imagined that! People who know me, also know I post regularly on the ActiveDir forum ( from Tony Murray and on the newsgroup through WindowsForumz ( from Steve. I think both places are very cool because both have tons of information about (among others) Active Directory and have very active members (Rick, Joe, Guido, Carlos, Brett, Eric, Dean, Tony, Gil, Deji, etc.) that help people with their day-to-day questions, tasks and especially problems people encounter when doing their job. Some of these guys work for Microsoft, others are MVPs and others know a lot and also help people. All in all, great places to read information and to get answers!

In the near future I hope to post information that interest people to read and to use for their job. One of the things I will try to post as soon as possible are answers to problems I answer very very frequently on the newsgroups. For some reason a lot of people have the same common problems and also have a hard time finding the correct information to help them.

I also hope Carlos is happy with this first post otherwise he will not stop bugging me about it. [:D]

* This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties and confers no rights!
* Always evaluate/test yourself before using/implementing this!
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6 Responses to “(2005-11-08) Well This Is The First Personal Post!”

  1. Just trying to see if commenting is possible as Carlos is not able to. Is there anything that guy can do for himself? Tss.. ;-))



  2. Tap Tap – this thing on?
    Ahh Jorge Jorge Jorge, good to see you finally found your voice. NOW PUT SOME QUALITY S@#@ on here!

    Oh and for the record —-> I can speak Portugese I cant read or write it 😛



  3. Nice one, Jorge.

    Now, you just need to tell me how to correctly say your name 🙂

    Phonetically ….. slowly …please 😉


  4. It is a portugese name..Jorge


    What about…. Z J O R Z


    In some formula type of thing…
    Say JORDAN….
    The english J is somewhat spoken as DJ (leave out the D)
    Prenounce the JOR bit like the O in JOB
    Replace DAN with GE

    Easy aint it?


    –> GEORGE 😉


  5. […] started blogging in 2005. My very first blog on the internet from me was on November 8th 2005. At that time I was inspired by a friend at Microsoft and a little bit by myself. I was active in […]


  6. Rob G said

    Congratulations on 14 years! Im just finding it today and its fun to read, so Im happy you kept at it. Heres to many many more years on your quest Jorge.


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